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Published on 07 Aug 2020 / In News and Politics

Churchill and Socialism

For Churchill politics was higher than war, and peaceful purposes were finally, if not always immediately, superior to victory in war. These mass effects, manifested in politics at home, were no less sinister than their manifestation in the world wars. If there is anything clear from the life of Winston Churchill, it is that he regarded it as better to be killed than corrupted.

The causes of these mass effects were partly “unconscious”—they were not guided by anyone’s intentions. However they may have begun, they proceeded on their own, outside the management of anyone or any group.3 At the same time they were partly conscious: there were “conceptions” behind them, conceptions that people held and according to which they acted. The Russian Bolsheviks carried these conceptions to their “utmost extreme.”4 They had their foothold also in British politics, especially in the Socialist movement. That movement was based, Churchill argued, on a new kind of doctrine—a doctrine like the Bolshevik if less extreme.

For Trudeau, Morneau and Kielburgers, apparently rules don't apply

If we’ve learned one thing from the WE scandal currently gripping Canadian politics, it is that rules are for the little people.

If your name is Trudeau, Morneau or Kielburger, the rules apparently don’t apply.

Trudeau and Morneau didn’t think they had to recuse themselves from voting on a massive contract for a charity they are very close to. The Kielburger brothers, we learned, didn’t think they had to register as lobbyists even as they pitched top cabinet ministers for contracts.

Trudeau needs an ethics director to call his own

I cannot see why not. After all, there must be a few dollars still floating around now that the Kielburger brothers will not be getting their multi-million dollar commission and all the ducats that were to be sprinkled out to eager young (paid) volunteers now float free for other purposes. There should at least be enough to supply a salary for a personalized ethics minder and the staff for what will be — if past behaviours are anything to go by — a demanding, and possibly even full time, position.

The Canada-U.S. border could be closed for months. Here's what you need to know now

Gone are the days when Canadians and Americans could freely drive across their shared border for a quick shopping trip or to visit family and friends.

Now, the Canada-U.S. land border that was once wide open is closed to non-essential travel, affecting the lives of many people on both sides.

Here's the latest on what you need to know about Canada-U.S. border rules and why our neighbours to the south may not be visiting for a while.

Democratic Governors Use Pandemic to Push a Scamdemic

“He won’t make COVID-19 predictions anymore because all previous predictions turned out to be wrong.” Did the Scamdemic victimized us much more than the Coronavirus Pandemic?

King Cuomo used faulty predictions (outright lies) to destroy New York’s economy; yet, he’s a liberal hero. It’s apparent that psychopaths used the Pandemic as a Scamdemic.

The Primary Model (2020) 91-95% Certain Trump Will Be Re-elected

The Primary Model gives President Trump a 91% chance of winning a possible match-up with Democrat Joe Biden in November, based on primary performance in New Hampshire and South Carolina, plus the first-term electoral benefit. Trump would get 362 electoral votes, Biden 176.

In a possible match-up with Bernie Sanders in November, Trump’s chance of winning would rise to 95%. In that scenario, Trump would get 390 electoral votes, Sanders 148.

Seattle bans police crowd-control weapons, saying they’ve been used ‘without provocation’

The Seattle City Council has voted unanimously to bar police from using tear gas, pepper spray and several other crowd control devices after officers repeatedly used them on mostly peaceful demonstrators protesting racism and police brutality.

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