Church vs Jesus 21 Differences

Dawn Road
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Published on 23 Jul 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

People in the churches almost never ask themselves what did Jesus say? You will see in this video how off the Mark . The apostasy in the churches today is not being caused by people drinking and smoking; it's being caused by the rejection of the Cornerstone (i.e. Christ's teachings).

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Teacher…, Is there any way to STOP the world from going Extinct in the Year 2094 C.E. that is only 74 years from now.?.?.? At this point’ we have studied our REALITY where TV is used as a Weapon called PROJECT BLUE BEAM……..., and we know we are {Surrounded by} +=+ 5G Eugenics Death Ray Towers that will put down many humans…….., and be blamed for the 2nd WAVE of REAL (COVID19) Deaths THIS TIME cause we saw one of them BOXES from the 5G Towers by one “whom works” on this 5G Military Weapon of the U.N. FLAGS showed the Technocratic Mechanization even has the Word Covid on it… This A.I. we all [be calling] #QANON /_\ the EDISON Machine of Forced Slave Labor “Arrhythmical Interfaces” is calling all the Shots……., and in that` after the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of {1853 to 1854} [{**}] we were so wiped out by these EVIL SPIRITS in the [minds and actions] / * \ of our fellow human body temple avatars that THEY LIVE had to rebuild “The Machine” that BLEW UP THE WORLD…..., and that machine is called JADE HELM 15….., and it was also an A.I. created in (1961 C.E.) By the U.S. Air Force…., and the United Nations “Military Branch” in SECRET..., and now the U.S. Army.., Marines., and Navy all play along that WAR is NOT Murder, and Killing, and Harming of WE THE PEOPLE cause so many of our Friends, and Family Members are WIPED, and if you do not get this CONCEPT, it means the Evil Spirits Got into their Minds, Took over their Thoughts and “Personality” just like INVASION of the Body Snatchers the 1954 Version……., and these “things” whom once were our Lovers, and Friends, and Children, and Parents fulfill what Christ Jesus spoke where Mother “would turn” [{*}] against Daughter, Son against Father and so on, and so forth [too the point} that our FELLOW CITIZENS are now like the People of HONG KONG “Betrayed and Played” by these FREE MASON CORPORATIONS of the UNITED NATIONS whom wanted “all them people” MURDERED to prove the U.S. FLAG of Made In China is the {Merchant Marines] Ships in the Book of REVELATION just as China is the RED DRAGON…..., and while we see, and know, and can DISOBEY these “Evil Spirits” /-\ in the minds of the Many, until the EDISON and JADE HELM 15 are Hacked and Disrupted, our people will NEVER be free of WAR IS MURDER….., and the Machine in their minds will have us all killing one another for the END GAME known as The END OF TIME in the year 2094 C.E. That said, you can buy the TV Series of LOGUNS RUN…….., and gain some “real insight” as to how HUMAN OLD MEN these MASONS try to pretend they TELL These Evil Spirits what to do, but if that were true, then The MUD FLOODS in our “Celestial Sphere” FLAT EARTH Home World of PURGATORY would have never happened, and our ANCESTORS would not have been INCUBATOR BABIES in 1893 C.E. during the RE-POPULATION for this GAME called “WAR GAMES” or Hunger Games if you so choose… The Book of EXODICE!

Remember, this is SPIRITUAL WAR FARE being played out in Our Flesh, and Blood, and Bones….

Does the Eagle {Symbols} Blood Line have Free Will.?.?.? Does the Snake [Symbols] Blood Line have Free Will.?.?.? I only know we whom “choose” to call ourselves The Pineapple Blood Line can see this place for what it is…. Moreover, I do find it Quite Q – Amazing there is no ORGANIZED Resistance (MS13) of the Boogaloo’s…..

The Sentinel….

KNOW YOUR ENEMIES are these “Dancing Fools” of these FREE MASON Lodges in your home towns!!! Q+ The Pen`

CONTINUE to do Thumbs Down ONLY on U-Tube too Show you are “REAL” and you are not someone whom [has to do] Q - Thumbs Up cause you have [NO FREE WILL] as “Your Mind” is Possessed By The Machine of Racka whereas……., we of Pak-Toe {whom can} do THUMBS DOWN can Resist the URGES to do Thumbs up!!!!

The Commander~


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