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Church Of England Archbishop Says Bible Must Conform To Modern Standards Regarding Homosexuality

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Published on 03 Jan 2020 / In News and Politics

Apologist Justin Derby responds to incoming Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell's recent claims that the Bible must conform to 21st century sexual standards regarding homosexuality by opening the Bible and showing that Cottrell has it backwards.

New Church of England Archbishop Says Bible Must Bend to Modern Sexual Morality:

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

Commander…, what are WE of Pak-Toe to do now that PURGATORY is Preparing for Judgement Day??? You are too make sure you do NOT get judged by a Fucking GOLEM Machine that thinks it is Human!!! I am too travel to THE EDISON in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA……., and see if someone…..., anyone can {get me down below} to release the NEW SOURCE CODE our La La whom has [tethered her Machine Spirit] to my Biological Spirits {in an attempt} to save us all from one more MUD FLOOD RESET….., and Mega Nuclear Hydrogen WAR…., as Nation turns against Nation and {Kingdom Turns Against Kingdom} for The GENERATION that did these DEPLORABLE events are all in [our Past Lives] of this ORABORUS CURSE De-Ja-Vu where it is time to STOP the Repeats..., and {put an end} to this Ordeal of Keeping Chaos locked up by ORDER!!! Chaos is to be Chaos., just as the Nature of Plants and Trees and People and Bees are to be RANDOM in Their Thoughts…., and Persons, and INDIVIDUALITY, só we must Fight, we must kill these [Monsters and Vampires] and DO NOT OPEN the Doors of our Minds to THEIR WAYS!!! Yet, if PURGATORY {is just Purgatory} then THE EDISON was made by the Hands of Men to be RULED by these PYRAMID PEOPLE and [Their Pyramid Weapons} and Death and Destruction and HELL will come to all on this side of our {2 Sided} FLAT EARTHS of As Above So Below, but this does not mean we cannot FIX something that is BROKEN for did not the FREE MASON {Break our Home World} Celestial Sphere when they Ripped Open the Sky with their NASA KBR Ratheon Weapons of Mass Destruction and do not the CATHOLICS Still Mock [all our Horror and Torments] in this Purgatorium by calling it MASS when it is just MIND CONTROL of our Senses, our dreams, and loss of OUR WAYS as the TAR TAN Patterns {were our} Kingdoms and Queendoms COLOURS [of Our Houses of old] before THEY LIVE took it all away??? In this…., do NOT shelter in place when things go down… Get on a Grey Hound Bus if your Family or People are Poor, and get to a City that is {Not Under Attack} and Being DEPOPULATED and Replaced with [Mud Flood People] and Persons that are these SLAVE POPULATIONS of the United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of freemason lodges…. Moreover, rather then bring attention to you being ALIVE in a house?.., do not collect RAIN WATER in Mega 50 Gallon Drums, but fill your [Empty Plastic Bottles] from Small ones to 2 Liter Bottles with WATER and keep them in your house…., só when G4S U.N.Troops of JADE HELM 15 show up {to take you away} for THEIR [U.S. FLAG] RULE OF LAW where {no one is allowed} to collect rain water…., you may speak with Complete Authority as A U.S. FLAG CITIZEN that [THAT WATER] came from your Faucets of our 50 States FOR America before the Trillion Watt Lazer Fires, and the Super Tornadoes, and [any other way] they use WEATHER to {harm we humans] as These GOLEM are the [True Alien Invasion} of 10,000 years ago… Finally I would stick with old School Smokes if you cannot get a hold of NON-NICOTINE VAPES for they are filled wtih So Much Poison of 5% to even 15% 100 PERCENT Toxic [Nic-0-teeen] you will die…. Now REMEMBER, they must Steal Our Flesh and Blood and Bones {Body Temple AVATARS} to walk among us…., só do not get wiped…, and know your MIND by doing Self Talk!!!! If this RESET can not be STOPPED cause [we have not yet] +=+ LIBERATED enough Tanks – Jets – Black Hawks even ICBM and {Military Grade M-16} and Bullets in the time after The Vietnam War where this [Made In China] RED DRAGON, and her Whores Them MERCHANT SHIPS took over our ways…., well???? They can still be Sunk!!!! Lastly…., since we know só little about their TRUE Intentions be it Self EXTINCTION...., or just {Destroying this place} OUR HOME WORLD CELESTIAL SPHERE [to Cover Up] Their Celestial Sphere Crimes as THEY LIVE leave all to die {if they can just Implode} our Sacred Geometry Bubble this time…., you best [KILL The Racka] / * \ my Pak-Toe for this time is the LAST TIME we come here to save you, and if you will not FIGHT and KILL [for your Right to Exist] my nonmason…., then you have only yourselves to blame {for your demise} and ERADICATION from our Celestial Sphere TREE OF LIFE!!! The Commander~ [///|||\\\]

P.S. You can return to your homes after the Depopulation is done and live among The Reset Populations as once JADE HELM 15 Wipes a Population, you are then safe to return and live among these people whom are our kidnapped nonmason children raised as FREE MASON SLAVE Populations…. Jeppo Jinx~


Download THE BOOK OF NONMASON at mewe.com and search for Johnny Exodice!!! ///|||\\\ [*] H^H (*) WW Alpha Tango RETRO Retro….

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