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Chinese Leaked Tape Exposes a Truth On COVID You Never Expected To Hear!_low.mp4

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Published on 25 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation

Chinese Leaked Tape Exposes a Truth On COVID You Never Expected To Hear!

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APfnS ONLINE 2 months ago

Im NOT wearing a MASK! China can shove their propaganda!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

To Think you know something when you know NOTHING!!!

It really does not matter what RELIGION you were raised, for they have all lied to you, stole from you, and took from you` your RIGHT to KNOW You are are born into PURGATORY, and there is a part of you that knows what this PLACE we all grow and die [is not] #QANON /_\ as it should be…. You are raised by THE RULE OF LAW, but you had “no say” in THAT LAW from now till then, and do so tell me HUMAN why others make RULES AND REGULATIONS over {your body} [{**}] when Religion and Governments are of the same vein.?.?.? Your EDUCATION was even worse then you can imagine cause YOUR Religions, and Your Governments said you live on a Ball known as A GLOBE when in all uttered Truth, you live inside A Celestial Sphere as A “Celestial Being” in a TEMPORARY Body of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones, and no one “lives on” in here forever…

You have spent your “whole life” +=+ watching TV shows, Playing Video Games, and never helping the needy, or the poor even though You FREE MASON Lodge Members live off the TAXES of We The “nonmason” Populations as our PLACED – Judges, City Councils, School Boards, and our Religions of Dogma, Confusion, and Damnation!!! The Schools WE THE PEOPLE Attend do not fill our minds with BIG WORDS by age 11 years old / * \ cause all you MASON Teachers deny to give WE THE PEOPLE a decent “Public” Education as WE now Shelter in Place cause you want too Teach Lies, Deceptions, and Illusion where FANTASY in your “Fantasist Ways” [{*}] have made people thinking Watching People Put Droplets into Vats means the Vaccine is Real when NO ONE NEEDS this (COVID19) Bill GATES OF HELL Hypodermic Needle to Grow their own food, on our own lands, and feed all whom are hungry…

I once thought I should feel SORRY [for people} Q whom live like KINGS and QUEENS cause your TV SCREENS says: One of our Hollywood People “have died” while no matter how much money any of you FREE MASON Lodge Members make, you never {do nothing] /-\ for WE THE PEOPLE, and no matter how much we GIVE too Religions, Governments, and these N.G.O. aka Non Governmental Organizations known as 501 (c) 3 U.S. FLAG Charities……., you people still have all you need, but my people stay on the STREETS “abandoned” after being used for your WAR IS MURDER when Murder is Against the RULE OF LAW and ORDER!!! Told I must point A WEAPON at my {fellow citizens} cause the PEOPLE We Employ as GOVERNMENT want we to “shoot we” their FELLOW Citizens DEAD DEAD DEAD as you people from the Congress to the Senate to the Parliament “live off” our WELFARE Checks known as TAXES???

I know Christ Jesus 1.0 said to TURN THE OTHER Cheek when you Frat Boys, and Sorority Sisters Smash us in the Face with your “Cruel” Head Games of HAZING and Military Abrasions, but we now follow Christ Jesus 2.0 from the Book of REVELATION that states: We The People have A RIGHT to exist…..., and whence our GOVERNMENTS RELIGIONS Betray “We The People” to these U.N. FLAGS CORPORATIONS’ then we are to Kill and Murder the “Host of Host” that HOLDS these EVIL SPIRITS in the minds of them whom OPPRESS We The People….., no matter how RICH, or how POOR Because SEDITION is SEDITION…., and TREASON is TREASON to “our ways” and OUR Rules of Laws and Orders…

Johnny Exodice

And EYE for an EYE till we all go blind with madness no longer “burdens me” for you Tricked and Treated me into WAR IS MURDER, and “you said” PURGATORY was a place I go whence I die, not that we are all in PURGATORY at this very hour???, and for lies “such as these” no FREE MASON Lodge Member will ever “be free” too MANIPULATE We The People EVER Again!!!

The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition….

The Society of nonmason~

The Covid Dance Goes on when CORONA is just the Common Cold of old... Q+... https://youtu.be/KQN9ftZw99M via @YouTube The FREE MASON Run the CORPORATIONS that run the World Police known as the U.N. Flag of the U.S. Made In China U.S. Military....


The Sentinel…

For 10,000 YEARS we Humans have had “no need” for VACCINES, and now you people with EVIL SPIRITS in your minds say: We should allow you to Inject us for the CORONA that is nothing more then the COMMON COLD of old.?.?.?.?


It is all a TV SHOW cause REAL AMERICANS [got guns] Q too SHOOT People for Treachery!!!


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Henri Musset
Henri Musset 2 months ago

this IS "global", and that says a lot!

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