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China Fights Taiwan in Fiji
Tessa Cunningham

China has border disputes with 17 countries

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 70 Views
Published on 30 Sep 2020 / In Film and Animation

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#China has more than a dozen unresolved border, land, and maritime disputes. Let’s go over them one by one, and see what all the fuss is about.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 22 days ago

Teacher…, The Thoughts and Considerations you bring the the Human Collective is truly a world of madness and sadness, and makes one wish to just return to being one of the Ignorant Masses… Come here, and sit beside me my pupil` for there are many things we shall continue too explore, and even though we might be trapped in a Never Ending ORABORUS Curse, the Minuet of De-Ja-Vu changes every 10,000 years……., and so if there is no Nuclear Bomb in SEATTLE WASHINGTON on Election night of 11-03-2020…….., than we made at least “one change” in this reality no matter if them Hydrogen Bombs happen someplace else on that same date’ in our Repeating Condemnation of Fools and Faggots!!! You know I have traveled with my Companion too meet Johnny Exodice…..., and Jeppo Jinx….., and they seem to get around during these last 6 months of LOCK DOWN……..., and what is to come may be a Time…., or a season..., so we have done well to prep for food supplies when funds are low.., and jobs are not too be found for We The People whom are the nonmason CITIZENS of our Given U.N. FLAGS., but even more important’ is that we can see how this MACHINE aka The Great Work of As Above / So Below our {Celestial Sphere} [{**}] of Purgatory does so work, and we know Christ Jesus made it back, and that he did not die on that Cross where The Vatican carries a DEAD Human, not OUR Christ Jesus: for Jesus got away with them Holes in his hands and that Scar put into his chest too reinvent himself as Paul The Apostle, and then [once more] [{*}] as Peter The Rock, so he did marry the Magdalena too have a Blood Line, and I am but one of many of you’m with the Christ Blood fueling my heart, and mind, and soul “too see” +=+ what others cannot see, and too hear what others refuse to hear, and in this, we are not The Dammed, The Cursed, nor The Forsaken, we are the Ones whom know how to do {1st Corinthians 13} unlike all other Religions, the Science and Religion of Pak-Toe can embrace “any” knowledge be it Code + Magic + Alchemy = Sorcery, and more important: We The People “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition as Members, Representatives, and Constituents will and shall teach {our children} / * \ and their children how to look up Big Words, and we will “surpass” all the Witches, and Warlocks, and Wizards of these O.T.O. freemason lodges, and have our own SYSTEM within A SYSTEM known as The Society of nonmason, and Our Rag Tag Rebellion of MS13 The 18th Street Gang of the Boogaloos at Our FLAT EARTH Magical Academy Offline Gaming Rooms……., and no matter how many “lives” we have lived, and will live in this place of Plants, and Animals, Fish and Birds, insects and worms, Stars and Angels and Demons, we come from one another, we come from mom and dad, and if you can find your way to be a Romantic Warrior like all of Pak-Toe, then worry no more about the Evil Ones known as Racka… The Book of EXODICE!!!


You see` I would rather be a Person of Flesh and Blood and Bones be it Animal, Sea Life, Fowls to Forrest, then to be one of these “disembodied” persons whom can no longer coalesce in this Material World and must spend their eternity unable to return to This Corporeal “Mortal” Plain for at-least we can become something else whence we die, and are born again as A Butterfly, Shark, or Tiger to name just a few: Know the Teachings that we whom feel’ actually do have Humane Spirits and Humane Souls and our Symboitic SOLIDS “share” in this knowledge while them with No Souls, and No Spirits are just Anamatrons and TV Talking “Androids” of the Parasitic SOLIDS whom stole their flesh, and blood, and bones… THEY LIVE are petty, their holidays mean nothing, and we will be A System within A System...

The Sentinel…


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China Fights Taiwan in Fiji
Tessa Cunningham