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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 312 Views
Published on 13 Feb 2020 / In News and Politics

Is the virus much worse than we are being told?

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 6 months ago

There are “many ways” to make Bombs and then put them in [devices] +=+ of these Evil Wicked “DEPLORABLE” The Racka!!! So, when you {learn to take things} / * \ apart………, and put them back together…….., not only are “you getting” A life skill……., but you can do this to Cell Phones by adding a Little C4 or “some other” EXPLOSIVE Compound…..., and then leave the same looking one [next to the one] [{**}] you have LIBERATED from these ACT of 1871 Backwards FLAG “Patches” them FREE MASON [U.N. Troops] [{*}] in our Courts as Judges to these Senators….., and Congress…., and Parliaments “in all land masses” doing the same shit to we the people.., and persons of Pak-Toe…. After all., WAR IS MURDER, and since our “World Leaders” keep telling us to kill “nonmason” aka Human Beings then it is only Spock Star Trek LOGIC that these FREE MASON {are not} Human Beings, but PARASITES whom run our Towns, our Villages, Our Militarizes, OUR RELIGIONS, and our Schools, Governments, Sciences and “sadly” they prescribe all their GOLEM Medications called Alchemist “Sorcery” of Pharmaceuticals that INFECT [we the people] Regardless of Nations with this fucking MADE IN CHINA the Red Dragon from the {Book of Revelation} where these Whores them MERCHANT SHIPS “sell us crap” and take our jobs…., our taxes…., and even out Church “Charity” Donation Tithing to use this CDC Norad of CORONA Virus “too kill all” we nonmason populations… This will no longer do cause “we now see” anyone whom is a “CATHOLIC” Jesuit Zionist FREE MASON Lodge Member “be they” Jew Muslim Hindu Christian “other” too What Ever OTO Kabbala “Zohar” Zoroastrian B.S. they are all just “INCUBUS” and SUCCUBUS “walking among us” in human looking “forms” and that is why they wear way [TOO MUCH] fucking MAKE UP!!!! Too much “Jewelry” and Too many Homes “while we” have none…


The Society of nonmason OF and FOR “Our World Republic” Constitution Coalition….


It is the End of A “Time Line” my people, and your Ink ON paper will not save you…..

At 6:52 i guess them BATS are taking the Corona [Made In China] Bat Snake DEATH Vitus to all the People of Australia....

At 11:20 you would think with the “NORAD” CDC Virus you would {Cover your Face} around DEAD BIRDS carrying [The Bird Flu] and Cornoa Death Virus from MADE IN CHINA………………….

At 14:14 they are using them NASA Ratheon KBR {HAARP and DARPA} Trillion Watt Lazers they been using to “Vaporize” California, Canada, and “Australia” on the ICE WALL in our Celestial Sphere FLAT Dual Earth Enclosed Cosmology, and “MUD FLOODS” will kil us all, and YOU “do nothing” to take out the U.N. FLAGS or W.H.O. or W.T.O. or all of these “Incubus” and Succubus walking in OUR Human Forms….



#QANON updates at UGETube.com >>>>>>>>> Johnny Exodice

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