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Chillin On The Sabbath ( Song) by Fred 7 The Genius Ahaya, SHABBAT SHALOM!

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Published on 10 Feb 2019 / In Film and Animation

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Chillin On The Sabbath/ by Fred & The Genius AHAYA {4TH COMMANDMENT) Truth Music) Fredgenius7

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Lyrics to the Song here;
Intro talking)

We're Chillin On The Sabbath, (repeat 4x)

(1st Verse)
Say we're Chillin,
On the Sabbath,
While everybody's out,
Doing what they wanna do,
We're reading scripture,
And singing to the Most High,
Cus we know the law,
And we keep the Father's Holy Commandments,
So let people say what they wanna say,
Let em mock you for keeping his day yeh,
We gon be ready when Christ return,
They be having church on the wrong day,
And they despise everything that we say yeh,
Even when we show em in the Holy Word,

The 4th Commandment says,
Remember the Sabbath,
And keep it Holy,
And we should always honor the Most High,
And do exactly what he say,
And don't let them none believer's convince you,
That the law is done away with,
You just rest and chill with the Most High,
Cus the Father knows who's his,
So you tell them,

(Hook) & (ad libs)
We're Chillin On The Sabbath, repeat 4x

(2nd Verse)
Now don't look for me,
On no Sunday,
At your church no moe,
Cus now I keep the Holy Sabbath Day,
See I can show you in my Bible,
Exodus Ch 20,
Just stroll down and look at verse 8,
Verse 8,

(Bridge Repeat)
(Hook Repeat) (ad lib)
(Bridge Repeat)
(Hook Repeat) (ad lib)
(Talking & ad lib)

(Out Hook)
This is how we do it when we're keeping the Sabbath,
(Repeat 4x)( ad lib & talking)

We gon sip on some wine when the Sun go down yeh,
After the Sabbath,

Bless ya'll, Shalawam!

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