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Cheap Shotguns For Home Defense

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Published on 11 Dec 2018 / In Firearms

When your budget is tight and you can't plunk down hundreds of dollars for a self-defense gun, it might be time to consider the old shotgun as an alternative. Some older department store shotguns can be had for under $100. They may not be a perfect solution, but they just might be the right solution at the time. Some models include the Ranger shotguns and Eastern Arms shotguns sold by Sears. Neither are fancy, but both are solid well-made double barrel shotguns. Many of the department store guns were made by Stevens and are pretty good guns sold primarily to working class folks like me.

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CupAJoe 1 year ago

My shotgun is a "Crescent Arms" SxS made around 1900-05 that was proofed for smokeless and has cool "browned" barrels. It was originally made by Stevens I think and was sold out of a hardware store in St. Louis Mo. I shoot it in the company trap and skeet competition and it's a lot of fun. The double triggers are nice because one barrel is choked tighter than the other and I can choose what choke I want for the shot. I got the whole thing for less than $200 including shipping and FFL fee. it's pretty junky to look at, but it's function is great. It's also nice as a takedown gun. super easy to keep in the truck. I keep the barrel in a pool cue bag and the stock, forend and a shell belt in a small cloth grocery bag. I can load buckshot or slugs from the belt. Even for the $200 I have into it, I'd do it again. if my truck was ever stolen it wouldn't be the end of the world trying to replace that gun.

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