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CENSORED: The ONE video they know will win Tommy Robinson the election

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Published on 20 May 2019 / In News and Politics

This weekend the #VoteTommy campaign travelled to Oldham to hold a rally in the local estate, not the Muslim area. The family event was ATTACKED by Muslim rioters who travelled across the county committed to violence.

We saw the mainstream media respond by publishing #FakeNews article after article, framing the attack on Tommy’s official, legal MEP campaign rally as mere “fights breaking out”. Insinuating Tommy and his supporters bared the blame for being attacked.

Then we published the truth with a twenty minute YouTube expose’ showing all the footage the mainstream media was hiding from you.

Instead of the media correcting their fake news, they decided to remain silent and keep their defamatory articles published online.

In fact, they've now pressured YouTube to restrict the NEWSWORTHY video by forcing users to sign in to simply view the video. It no longer shows up in recommended videos and most people who have notifications turned on - did not receive the notification.

So we need you.

If #TommyRobinson still had his Facebook page, the entire WORLD would have seen the TRUTH and Tommy would be guaranteed his seat in the European Parliament.

But they’re suppressing it for that exact reason.

So please be his voice, be his platform. ​

SHARE the video and TR.NEWS article on EVERY SINGLE PLATFORM you currently use.

Let’s guarantee this video makes Tommy the MEP we so desperately need him to be.

SHARE the video: https://youtu.be/QBgecf-rh8w
And SHARE the article: https://www.tr.news/islamic-at....tack-what-really-hap

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