Casting, Loading, & Shooting 500gr 45-70 Subsonic Ammo with an Encore SBR

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Published on 05 Apr 2018 / In Film and Animation

In this video, I show how I make subsonic ammo for my 45-70. I include and show the steps for casting, coating, sizing, loading, and firing the ammo. I am using an NOE custom mold that I helped design (HTC-459-500-SP) which is a pointy 500 gr bullet with slick sides (no lube grooves) designed to be powder coated or coated with HiTek Coating and then fired from a 458 socom or single shot 45-70. In this video I am using it in my 12" barreled 45-70 custom Match Grade Machine (MGM) Encore SBR. (re-uploaded to fix spelling error that was driving me nuts--thanks Dave P for finding it)

Equipment Used:
-RCBS Pro-Melt Lead Pot
-NOE HTC459-500-SP bullet mold (
-NOE Mould Mallet
-NOE bushing push through sizing die
-NOE .459 bushing & push through rod
-TC Encore SBR
-MGM Match Grade Machine 12" Encore barrel
-Silencerco Hybrid Suppressor (silencer)
-Forster Co-Ax Press
-Inexpensive Cabelas Digital Scale
-RCBS powder measure
-Trailboss Powder
-Frankford Arsenal reloading trays
-Powderbuythepound powder coating powder
-Lee classic cast press
-Hornady Unique Case Lube

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