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Camaro R4 Compressor to Vintage Air 34108-VUG Hose Adaptor Install Part 2 10-12-2020

Published on 12 Oct 2020 / In Cars and Vehicles

I did a video yesterday but thought I'd do another one with more detailed information. The GM R4 compressor that I have will be running R134A refrigerant and the recommended type of lubrication oil is either PAG 12345923 or AC Delco 15-118. The amount of oil will depend on your system and whether everything is new or you're just replacing a specific component. My R4 compressor P/N is AC Delco 15-20184 or GM 12980718. The Vintage Air compressor stand alone hose block fitting adapter is P/N 34110-VUG and the kit P/N is 34108VUG which includes the old style O-rings, standard and metric mounting bolt. You will most likely need the AC Delco seal washer kit P/N 2724887 as the newer style R4 compressor no longer uses O-rings.

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SliceOfLife 16 days ago

One day I hope to be able to restore an old Camero. Maybe one day...

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