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Build Your AR-15 Lower Receiver!

11C1P Airborne Infantry
Published on 21 Oct 2018 / In Firearms

Not me, but this is one I found very helpful when i started building AR's He's vanished from youtube & tried getting a hold of him on FB, but no reply. I wish he'd make the move to UGE tube. I'll leave his original comments & links below.

Everyone asks where I find AR-15 stuff in stock or where I order from, so here you are: http://bit.ly/2trc7Kg

AR-15 detailed lower build. Please utilize the following areas in this video to watch certain aspects of the build:

0:00 - Intro/Information
2:13 - Magazine Catch
4:21 - Trigger Guard
6:54 - Bolt Catch
9:20 - Pivot Pin
10:50 - Trigger Assembly
13:11 - Hammer Assembly
15:17 - Safety/Selector
15:52 - Pistol Grip
16:50 - Buffer Tube/Receiver Extension
21:21 - Buttstock
Build guide:

Tools used:
- Roll pin holders: http://www.brownells.com/gunsm....ith-tools-supplies/g
- Roll pin punches: http://www.brownells.com/gunsm....ith-tools-supplies/g
- Vise block: http://www.squirreldaddy.com/A....R15-M16-Lower-Receiv
- AeroShell 33MS grease: http://www.reapertactical.com

Lower receiver from (tell them I sent you!):

Upper receiver from (tell them I sent you!):

Parts from:

I received inspiration from this build from Stickman's photos. You can check him out here:

Thank you for watching! Please subscribe for future videos!

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11C1P Airborne Infantry

YT recently removed this video from their site, so it's a good thing I posted it when I did. Still hope NSZ85 would set up shop on UGETube.

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