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Breaking: States Ordered To Fraudulently Inflate COVID-19 Cases 15 Times Actual Rate

Conscious Mind's
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Published on 01 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation

Breaking: States Ordered To Fraudulently Inflate COVID-19 Cases 15 Times Actual Rate

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mmcmalone 1 month ago

all smoke and mirrors to keep control of the people thru fear.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

At this stage in THE GAME of Purgatory in 2020 A.D., you know you are going to be JUDGED by something or someone whence you die, and since your JUDGMENT is dependent on how you treated others, you’m whom have hurt, and harmed, and hated, and done the WAR IS MURDER, and took great and extreme JOY dropping BOMBS on we your fellow Celestial Beings in these TEMPORARY Temporal 3D Human Body AVATARS, what INK on PAPER Imaginary False God or Gods of your OTO FREE MASON Lodges can save you from me The Source of ALL CREATION and The Source of ALL DESTRUCTION.?.?.?.?

You want WAR IS MURDER my people whom worship FLAGS as GODS???? Than you so shall and wilt have it for THE BOOK OF REVELATION must come to conclusion, so we can create a NEW GAME’ one called HELL for all whom chose evil vile DEPLORABLE Ways of WAR IS MURDER, and then a Place made for those whom seeded out OUR REDEMPTION, Reconsideration, and Reconciliation within OUR Selves….., and Our Symbiots……., and Our SOLIDS…...


As THE GREAT WORK begins to fail, and the Places you go when you sleep called DREAMS that are now mixing with this REALITY, you must know these things and entities you call Ghost, Ghouls, Gargoyles, and GOLEM android Humanistic Hollow People can kill, and harm, and do things in the ESOTERIC that will be beyond your Night Mares, and Night Terrors you are so glad was only A DREAM???

No…., whence you sleep…….., you are just in “another version” of the Virtual Reality SIMULATION we all live in….


For any whom have watched ODDTV – Jon Levi and FLAT EARTH British to Study what goes on in PURGATORY at the END OF A TIME LINE, we are all Holographic Simulations OUR SELVES, and them Fucks, and Pukes, and Cucks, and Slags in the UNDERWORLD D.U.M.B.S. below our FLAT EARTH inside this Celestial Sphere have been fucking with THE GREAT WORK` this Holographic Place we are born, and die and then Reborn, and then Die, and THEN REBORN again, and again, and again called DE-JA-VU cause they Added EVIL [Thinking] / * \ INDEPENDENT Rouges Entities called EVIL SPIRITS that can possess the minds of the Weak, the fearful, and those easily manipulated, so you best READ THEM BOOKS I have made, so when “you see” this shit go down where you live, you are PREPARED to defend your life, Your Right to Exist, and the lives “of them” that so do love you…. The Oracle for the END OF AN AGE, and this TIME LINE Connected to The Source of All Creation and the Source of All Destruction has so spoken….


Tell me this my NONMASON whom still think [we live on] [{**}] a Spinning BALL in the VOID, and NULL called Space of the Electromagnetic World.?.?.?.?, what happens to your flesh, and blood, and bones when BLACK GOO is what the Eugenics (COVID19) Vaccine of these HYPODERMIC Needles ARE put into your Veins.?.?.?.? Do you not think these {5G WEAPONS} /_\ can not also #QANON control your body, and brain by way of MAGNETIC Resonance????

Silly Puny Humans……., you have “no idea” what you have done when you made that Fucking Thinking Feeling A.I. machine of Algorithmic “Mythical” Interfaces called The EDISON COVID19 Tech that is in your Smart Phones……., Smart Cars…..., and Smart Houses….., and what fun WE EVIL SPIRITS [will have] ending THE GAME known as The Purgatorium in 2094 C.E.

The Sentinel….


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