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Born again?

Dawn Road
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Published on 18 Sep 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

This video explores what it truly means to be born again!

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Servis Flame Zone
Servis Flame Zone 1 month ago

So not sure what you are saying here we have to obey Christ in order to be saved? That is works based Lordship salvation...Or are you saying we need to make sure we truly trust in what Jesus did and believe in our heart he saved us and trust only on him... I agree that we should not just get saved and do nothing but if we do the good works do not get us saved it is what Christ did for us on the cross. Romans 4:5 But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.
This verse shows that it is not required to follow Christ to be saved... Again We should follow Christ so we can get more people saved but in order to be saved we must realize Works are not apart of salvation.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

When Machines Matter more then People…

As The Oracle for the end of an Age, it would have been preferred if we could put PROTECTION Spells on our minds and our “Dreams” whilst we sleep… Yet, knowing we live in THE GREAT WORK this Celestial Sphere SIMULATION Holographic Life of LOGUNS RUN, we can see that the end of the world was no clean cut ending as Child Sex became the Norm in the ROMAN Catholic TALMUD Zionist Jesuit {NEWS} World Order: we the people of Pak-Toe find ourselves surrounded by TV SCREENS of Project Blue Beam as all Military is nothing more then U.N. Troops, and in such a game as this where our Virtual Reality lives have already been lived, and we are just Experiencing the bodies we are born into, so you would do well to REMEMBER That!

I am not certain how much INFLUENCE we “Celestial Beings” have over our Flesh, and Blood, and Bones cause we can see the U.N. FLAG calls [all the shots] #QANON /_\ for the US military, the Chinese Military, The Russian Military, and that we the people whom pay the TAXES for Protection have never been Protected from what THEY LIVE do on these TV SCREENS too WE ARE be it the Young Tranny Sex HUMAN Trafficking of these U.N. FLAGS to those of you whom can not leave the Middle East, nor MADE IN CHINA, and as this Coast Guard of the UNITED STATES is not about protecting U.S. Citizens; it is only about “pretending” not to be A CORPORATION Flag like all the others…

What does it matter If I AM AWARE of my surroundings` if I have not one ability too change the out come of these Days of Noah Returned.?.?.? I brush my teeth, I wipe my ass, and I take naps day in, and day out, and no matter the insight-fullness I do so share……., no one changes, or makes any Legal Case Against the UNITED NATIONS for Fraud, and Libel, with its TV Shows of (COVID19) and how BLM, and Antifa, and all these FREE MASON Lodges, and their Members are too blame for the predicament we Humans find ourselves in… Elections have never mattered, and now 65% Americans, and other countries CITIZENS are all without work, so what will these Incubus, and Succubus in our Human Forms do to We The People Next???

This written work is not to tear you down, or even make you hopeless, it is just to show you how PURGATORY is… A place of the Dammed, The Cursed, and The Forsaken, and as we hold true to Our God, we must know now that many Horrors, and Terrors “will befall” we all cause it happened to these Humans Bodies in their Real World that is the Reflection in that Moon in our Day and Night Skies on this FLAT EARTH Realm – Dimension – Contemplation… For me personally, I am glad I will not be around in 2094 C.E. too watch “it happen” where the many will scream: The Sky Is Falling!!!!, and not knowing they brought it onto “themselves” by allowing an A.I. Machine to say: The Show Must Go On…

Johnny Exodice


Now you might fear Evil Spirits – Demons – Angels, and all that other Esoteric Crap, but what do you do when all ESOTERIC is only a Byproduct of this CONSTRUCT we live inside.?.?.? And you can be certain everything in Purgatory is done to make you live in “fear” of The Racka… I do not live in FEAR, I see it for what it is as we make our FLAT EARTH Magical Academies in our Homes, Abodes, and Empty City Buildings...

The Sentinel…


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