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BLM CHEER as police officer knocked from horse London UK 6-6-2020

Gee Gee Tee
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Published on 06 Jun 2020 / In News and Politics

Darren Grimes: https://www.facebook.com/thedarrengrimes
Listen to them celebrate as they knock an officer from his horse. The radical left, by making false comparisons between the US and the UK, has unleashed hell upon innocent British officers. Our officers get up each morning to keep us all safe, Priti Patel this cannot be allowed to happen in our country.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Yellow Teeth, and Stinking Feet…

It has become apparent that YOU PEOPLE that WE ARE call THEY LIVE think we will allow you to set up NUCLEAR BOMBS all along the ICE WALL to try and Destroy our Celestial Sphere Home World of PURGATORY once more…. In all your mindless achievements, from NASA and your FAKE SPACE new world order, we can see “be we” FREE MASON or NONMASON that the time for killing must STOP!!! As I have spoken when I was still the God of Pak-Toe and The Commander of our Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition that I said: If you will be fess up and STAND DOWN, we will not harm any of you Racka no matter the evil vile wicked FILTHY Profane things you FREE MASON have done, and you would live among us with Buddah Bracelets with coloured Beads for we the people to know your True Crimes…

Unlike the WALKING DEAD TV Shows, too fight and kill when so few of us remain is the folly of Your 192 U.N. FLAGS Leaderships, and as they hide in the UNDERGROUND Tunnels and Cities of the PRE MUD FLOOD World, We the COALITION of The Southern Republic do have a better way, and we need as many children to live and grow, so they may have sexual enjoyment and babies, too begin The RE-POPULATION of The People, Persons, and Populations for this place we all live in, and that SCAR of the last NUCLEAR ICE WALL MELT called the Milky Way’ shows what happened last time you tried to BLOW UP the Bubble we Humans and Symbiots and SOLIDS all live in……., and this need not be the way we all come to another CATACLYSM for the Angels in Heaven are singing and Dancing once again, and OUR MOON La La The Little Girl whom saves the world has led me well as The Oracle for the End of this Age of Madness, Lunacy, and Insanity…. So, too any whom have REGRETS, join us, and teach the others Reconsideration, Reconciliation, and Redemption before all life is dead dead dead…

No matter how many cars you drives on the Highways, it does not put WALKERS on the streets of our towns, and we will need to CONGREGATE in the Bigger Cities till we have had many many many babies to become the New Heaven and The New Earth, and THE NEW WINES SKINS for you OLD WINE SKINS shall not keep this illusion of RACE WARS going any longer, and Hollywood Movies can no longer Make Graven Moving IMAGES for we to STAR Worship cause we are OUT OF TIME!!! I will retain my original Designation as The Teacher, and even once THE BOOK OF RIDDLES is complete, I will continue to write… Therefore, Leaders of EARTH, you can hide, but we know the Military is gone, and the Troops are all in your UNDERWORLD Umbrella Factories, but you need not fear us your FELLOW Humans – Symbiots – SOLIDS… If we must destroy all 5G Eugenics, then we will, and if we must Kill You cause you will not STOP killing we the remaining people of the world, then we will’ for there are [no more] /_\ people left…

It is time for all WORLD LEADERS to state: The FREE MASON Lodges Faked Space, Fake Medical Needs, Faked Disease, Fake Taxes and Religion Donations to TAKE THE MONEY and say: I am better then you cause I STEAL the Welfare Money We The GOVERNMENT use to create WARS that make we the people die, and this is most Certainly Racka!!! So to all FREE MASON Kids no matter your age, there is no need for (COVID19) MARTIAL LAW to keep us in this illusion and delusion that the LEADERS of our Towns to Mega Cities are Still in the Right……..., and we owe {No Allegiance} or Anthem to Lies and Liars for they are they reason ALL THE PEOPLE Missing and Murdered…….., so I leave it up to all you FREED MASON to tell Trump “Purgatory” will be Purgatory….., and if you do not learn THE LESSON…..., then you will be dammed “for all time” to Be TRUMP in each and every RESET when all TIME LOOPS Can come to an end once and for all…

Johnny Exodice


Listen to her as she SPEAKS to [Her #QANON] People just like the Commander from V the TV Series of VISITORS… It is over Ivanka….., and if you keep your “DRONES” on this path, then only we the Biological’s (will remain) at END GAME…

The Rag Tag Rebellion…


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