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Bishop Larry Gaiters: The Coming Destruction of #BLM.mp4

CitizenJournalist.News Gregg Huestis
Published on 03 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

Bishop Larry Gaiters: The Coming Destruction of #BLM (Connecting To Dots Of The Founding of #BLM).

These videos are from an organization that has been speaking to these coming political trends for many years: Tomorrow's News Today.


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Teacher…, Whom created THE GREAT WORK this place known as our Celestial Sphere Home World of PURGATORY??? I can tell you with utmost Certainty that the FREE MASON had nothing to do with this great creation we all live in……., and are born into from the WOMBS of our Mothers for the FREE MASON are nothing more then EVIL SPIRITS in the minds of MALES and FEMALES whom have forsaken all their Humanity to do WAR IS MURDER’ as they weave their lies and deceptions, and they create all the ILLUSIONS, and DELUSIONS known as their TV MATRIX Lives… Have you looked at the world we are in where [5G Eugenic] /_\ made some humans White People known as the Chinese and Asians with their ohh so light skin.?.?.?.?.?, and their so BLACK THIN HAIR……., and their Dark Dark Pearl Onyx Eyes.?.?.?.? Now, since we know the UNITED NATIONS is the International Mafia of These FREE MASON C.O.P.S., whom walk our streets, is it any wonder the U.N. Security Council is not about making lives better for WE ARE the Africans, the Latino, The Arabs to the Asians to any with BLACK HAIR ONLY and {Brown Eyes} [{**}] for the FREE MASON of the Blue and Green eyes say: If you have BROWN eyes, than you are half BLACK PEOPLE already!!! Oh, I could use the word Niggardly, or Negro, or SLAVE EMPLOYEE…..., but then that would not be appreciative of all we Blue and Green eyes humans whom are also “NONMASON” and ARE NEVER allowed too Be Placed as Mayors, City Councils, School Boards, Governors, Senate, Parliaments, Congress, or these YOUR EXCELLENCY, and YOUR MAJESTY the King and Queen PRESIDENTS at U.N. Members Only FREE MASON Meetings of these U.N. Mobsters and Gangsters “of the world” whom live off the Welfare of WE THE PEOPLES nonmason Taxes as FREE MASON Lodge Members ARE THE ONLY ONES whom get to enforce the RULE OF LAW and their (LAW and ORDER) / * \ that we have no say in… Does not the Star Antares CRY OUT that now is the time for change???, and we NONMASON do not need to be “Beholden” to this FREE MASON (COVID19) World Domination Plot where our Children are putting on Muzzles, and can no longer see one and anothers HUMAN FACES.?.?.?.? Do not the FREE MASON Governors say: You are on LOCK DOWN even though these “Public Officials” [{*}] are actually PUBLIC SERVANTS living off the Welfare of OUR TAXES??? You see..., I would not concern myself with the “Great Work” +=+ that was created by The Source of All Creation, and the Source of All Destruction, I would ask myself as a TAX PAYER every time I buy anything why the UNITED NATIONS of Free Mason Lodges get to say: YOU ARE UNDER ARREST.?.?.?.?, and we have put G4S “U.N. Troops” /-\ known as your Local Police to point Weapons at WE THE PEOPLE, and Pull us over, and do Forced Vaccinations that will put that Electromagnetic BLACK GOO into our Blood Veins…….., and then those with this “magnetic liquid” in their bodies can be wiped out with ease by all these U.N. 5G Microwave “CELL TOWERS” that are to burn the cells within those whom got the (COVID19) Bill Gates Microsoft V.I.R.U.S.Vaccine……..., and if WE THE PEOPLE do take back OUR FLAGS from the U.N. then the “U.S. FLAG” called The World Police of the UNITED NATIONS Will use their “Peacekeepers” to blow us all away long before the END OF THE WORLD in the Year 2094 C.E. The BOOK OF EXODICE!!!


Wherever you see the “code word” SPIKES that means JADE HELM 15 are having a harder time killing those humans in TEXAS with their PROJECT BLUE BEAM #QANON [U.N. Troops] and FREE MASON Homeland Security C.O.P.S. of Trump and Pence….. Traitors doing Treason, Sedition, and Treachery to come kill we all whom are NONMASON….


If you do not find a Job now, you will be placed in a FEMA WORK CAMP my nonmason in these 50 STATES betrayed by the UNITED NATIONS U.S. Military and FLAG...

The Sentinel…


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