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Bill Gates True Mission Exposed

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 270 Views
Published on 24 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics

This one short clip reveals the true agenda of Bill Gates. Full Clip Search Laurie Schwab Zabin '46 Lectures at Vassar College

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago


STARTING At 5:13 too 5:26 in this video you will see the GIRLS Eyes go SOLID……., so just remember that SOLIDS do help us, and they are “Electromagnetism” Esoteric Machine Spirits, and NOT all are evil, but too make the masses aware of {SOLIDS} [{**}] like the way Trumps Wife's EYES do it.?.?.?.?.?, and them SOLIDS are [Machine People] +=+ aka OUR SYMBIOTS, so yes, we all got (SOLIDS) in us, but Evil and Good are a Choice……., not a Condition…..., and if you have “Sold your Right” to CHOOSE…….., then you belong to THE EDISON of “Forced Technology” of this 5G Eugenics RESET and Depopulation and U.N. Troops Military INVASION “of Aliens” called the people and persons of [COVID-19]

As you can see, making Movies and Photographs in TIME CAPSULES, and burying them with Treasure Maps “too be found” in the Future is how we of Pak-Toe will keep THE BOOK OF NONMASON, and THE BOOK OF PUZZLES, and if I live that long……., THE BOOK OF RIDDLES where our {De-Ja-Vu means} +=+ we have stayed alive (this long) in this ever repeating Loguns Run [VIDEO GAME SIMULATION] / * \ known as our Celestial Sphere Home World of PURGATORY!!!

However, only by USE OF FORCE and “destruction of” [{**}] The OLD WINE SKINS will we The NEW WINE SKINS [{*}] ever establish and “maintain” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition….


ANYONE WHOM WEARS A FACE MASK is in on this “Knowingly” and they are all FREE MASON Lodge members be they {Boys and Girls} too Men and Wombmen!!!!!

Just know these U.N. Troops in your Guards UNIFORM Costumes do not have your 50 CONSTITUTION Individual {State FLAGS} on their Uniforms and they all work for the U.S. FLAG of the UNITED NATIONS INTERNATIONAL MAFIA Adhering to ORDER to Break their OATH OF OFFICE and commit SEDITION - High Treason, and Traitors to we the nonmason [U.S. Citizens] of the world!!!!

The Society of nonmason~


At 9:59 Aluminum Foil will not work to protect you from 5G Eugenics Microwave Radio "RADIATION" Spectrum Beams, but do consider this, WHY DID WE USE LEAD PAINT after the MUD FLOOD WARS in WORLD WAR ZERO.?.?.? Cause only LEAD can keep out X-Rays and all other RAYS of The SPECTRUM!!!

The Green Coats of the Yellow Gloves...

“[///|||\\\]” This is a SYMBOL……...

P.S. You can search for this “Symbol” of A Warrior HAWK in your Search Engines “too get” RAG TAG REBELLION Updates!!!!

The Commander~


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