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Bilderberg 2019 - Means, Motive and Opportunity for War on Iran

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Published on 02 Jun 2019 / In News and Politics

Bilderberg 2019 - Means Motive and Opportunity for War on Iran

Bilderberg is a fascist organization
Thursday, 30. May 2019 , by Freeman 07:00

Today is the day of the arrival of the participants at the Bilderberg conference in Montreux. Up for lunch the globalisation of travel and by 13:00 the first session begins. Why do I know? Because I've been watching since 2004, the Bilderberg to the respective meeting places and also with some of the participants spoke. See my article "Meeting with a Participant at #Bilderberg".

It has changed a lot, such as the Bilderbergers to perform your meeting and how the safety measures. Earlier, the Bilderbergers were able to meet totally incognito, without the "annoying" journalist as an observer, because no one knew in advance where and when the meeting takes place, and the Main-Stream media reported nothing about it.

Bilderberg it was not "officially", and we were, as a conspiracy spinner, the invent something. With the Internet age and the advent of alternative media, that all changed.

Mario Dragi (rechts) 2004 in Stresa als er noch Vizepräsident von Goldman Sachs war

2004 in Stresa on the Western shore of the Lago Maggiore, we were only a handful of reporters in the alternative media and the security measures were in comparison to later, and also today is very low. In this 50. Meeting of the Bilderbergers, we were able to the former Federal councillor Pascal Couchepin as a participant in image capture. Swiss Federal councillors were often, like Doris Leuthard in St. Moritz in 2011, and today, because Ueli Maurer will attend the current conference.

Jim Tucker und ich in Sidges 2010

Jim Tucker was at the time of the Bilderberg expert and our model. With a glass of Whisky at the Bar of the chain smokers "Big Jim has told" us his decades of Knowledge about the Bilderbergers.

Königin Beatrix der Niederlande als sie 2004 vom Hotel zur Seepromenade ging

We are a small group of "Curious" were maybe 10 meters from the terrace of the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees, as an observer, on the have taken the Bilderbergers and their food and drinks, could you look directly on the plate.

Rechts Richard Perle, auch "The Prince of Darkness" genannt, ein Neocon, der den Irakkrieg massgeblich initiierte

But since 2009, the conference will be shielded with a heavy police presence, and it is not in the vicinity of the event. At the time, in Vouliagmeni, Greece, we were arrested and a dozen observers from the police and our cameras confiscated.

As we show the faces of the participants started at the Bilderberg conference on the Internet and you have lost your anonymity, have been exacerbated by the "security measures", the area around the conference hotel spacious locked and we were kept as an observer at a distance.

Extremely, it was in Telfs in Tirol 2015, where within a radius of 8 kilometres of the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol, all access roads have been blocked.

Hier weiterlesen: Alles Schall und Rauch: Bilderberg ist eine faschistoide Organisation

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