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biden waving to invisible crowd

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Published on 16 Sep 2020 / In News and Politics

Joe BIDEN has a lot of INVISIBLE FRIENDS....to whom he waves hellooo when he gets out of his plane

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 days ago

Physiology 101

As we find our selves TRANSITIONED into a New Reality where Face Mask and Vaccines are the Deal of the day: It seems no matter how much Knowledge WE THE PEOPLE embrace, we are still living inside a LOGUNS RUN Machine called our Celestial Sphere Home World of Purgatory, and even though we have an END DATE for all life as we know it too move on, or cease to exist, what of we The Symbiots whom have been the Guides to GENERATION upon Generations of Human Souls, Spirit's, and Persons??? How many times have you my fellow SYMBIOT lived this De-Ja-Vu Oraborus Curse of these People whose EYES go SOLID BLACK!!!! How many times have you’m been tortured, and killed, raped, and harmed, and tormented in your Nightmare Memories of Past, and Future lives in this Circle Eight.?.?.?

We The People whom are “nonmason” can see the FREE MASON do not care about we humans, or our SOLIDS, or even their “Hybrids” that live among we the many, and yet, these FREE MASON HUMANS are no more powerful then we “nonhumans” of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones… So what if THEY LIVE can make a TV Shows for every known Personality` in this Enclosed Cosmology, we the people are still sent off to {die and kill} +=+ one another in their U.N. FLAGS of and for WAR IS MURDER!!! I have watched the “TV Screens” be it YOUTUBE – HULU – VODU – Netflix – Disney – Amazon – HBO and a Never ending of (NEW Shows) [{**}] too watch, and watch, and watch, and for WHAT??? To be told how too dress, what to think, and where my U.N. FLAG “People” are allowed to come and go????

You see I joined The Society of nonmason [to get away] #QANON /_\ from all these FREE MASON Lodge Members with their ACTORS: these Hospital Doctors, Their Mental Ward Abusers, and these Preachers and Teachers of Gods that do not [own me] nor any more of my mind… If this WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition is too come to fruition, then we must “put an end” to all U.N. FLAG Military National EMPIRE ambitions of these {FAKE JEWS} / * \ these TALMUD Zionist ROMAN Catholic Jesuits where in this Holographic “Virtual Reality” World we are never REDEEMED cause we allow the Book of Revelation to happen [over and over] Q’s while we SYMBIOTS the true thoughts in the minds “of all” get recycled every fucking MAN MADE RESET in this never ending MUD FLOOD Dimensional Warfare…

Go watch your TV Shows: be they their {NEWS} World Order to their Political Parties to all of it cause EVERYTHING and EVERYONE on TV is THEIR Actors and Actresses “playing a role” too keep we the NONMASON Humans in Subjugation [{*}] too their DRESS CODES be it this Face Muzzle to the INDOCTRINATION of our human “nonmason” children to do what that fucking FREE MASON TV Screen (Lodge Member) in our Home Town says: You the CITIZEN Tax Payer will do what we FREE MASON say Whom YOU PAY YOUR TAXES TOO!!! If this is not criminal, and fraud, and libel too our CORPORATE Corporeal “Mortal” LAWS AND ORDERS, then as a Corporation Person be I private or public, YOU the tax payers have sold my rights away too “others” whom are no better then me.?.?.?, and still like the Military FREE MASON Criminals they are, THEY LIVE make us [nonmason] Q+ CITIZENS pay all the Taxes – Tithes – Tribute to our own SELF MADE Enslavement!!!!

Johnny Exodice


How much Alchemy + Magic, and Sorcery will it take to FREE “We The People” from these FREE MASON (TV SCREENS} in all U.N. FLAGS where if you do not have the Right U.N. FLAG……., you are [not free] too come and go as you please…

The Sentinel…


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