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Best Rifle For Your 1st Rifle & Ones To Stay Away From

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Published on 07 Sep 2019 / In Firearms

In this video we will look at a variety of rifles and I will tell you my opinion on each one.

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no0negun 1 month ago

Thumbs way up for that lineup. Even my Garand thumb.
By the way, Mini-14’s can be found used for around $450 on UtahGunExchange.com and possibly other sites like GunBroker.
The AR-15 is an excellent choice and can even be adapted to run 22LR for cheap training and a good introductory experience for young kids and those sensitive to loud noises and concussion waves like the .223/5.56 will produce.

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Hegshot87 5 months ago

I will leave 2 links here for great deals on rifles and ammo. One is to Sportsman's Guide and the other is PSA

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