Best Backyard Fireworks 4th of July 2019 - Cypress TX - Pyromusical Drone

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Published on 14 Jul 2019 / In Film and Animation

Stash, set-up, and show we put on July 4, 2019. Set off using Cobra system 18r2 and 15 18m modules, 7 36M modules, 72m, 8 36 mini slats, 5 18 mini slats plus a Cobra Audio box. Fireworks supplied mostly by Spirit of 76 Fireworks & Fireworks Forever.

There are also flame projectors, laser lights, and moving heads all DMX controlled and triggered by the Audiobox and synced with timecode. The beginning of the show is all lights and flames so if you want to skip to the fireworks, go to the 3:15 mark.

Made possible by the financial contribution of several neighbors and friends and assistance of many volunteers to help set up. Finale starts at the 20:50 mark. Included 250 artillery shells, 120 200g cakes, 9 NOAB (whacky tobacky), 12 Humming snake 500g cakes, 36 additional 500g cakes, multiple fan slices, and more. In addition to feeding timecode to my DMX software the audio box was used to get music to 3 separate backyards 2 with 4500w amps and DJ speakers and a 3rd with QSC K12.2 active speakers using a Yamaha Yamaha MG10XU mixer.

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