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Beretta PX4 Storm Type D in 9mm: no manual safety, double-action only!

BlackTalon - 185 Views
Published on 05 Jul 2019 / In Firearms

Full-size 9mm Italian pistol from the oldest firearms manufacturer in the world! You’ve probably seen this gun in many movies, usually in the hands of the bad guys lol

SMOOTH double-action trigger pull... me likey! 😁

My range is safe... https://youtu.be/Wuro2A2HP3s

May 29, 2019... I have decided I have not been setting a good example by "dropping the slide" on an empty chamber in my videos, dry-firing without using snap caps, and inserting magazines into the guns using excessive and/or repetitive force/taps... these actions have the potential to eventually cause unnecessary wear and/or damage to the guns/magazines, so I will make every effort not to do these things in future videos... am I being overly cautious? Perhaps, but since I am choosing to share these videos with the public I think it is my responsibility to make a reasonable effort to set a good example 😇

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