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BENJAMIN FULFORD = US Presidential Election, Tokyo Olympics cancelled Engineered pandemic

Max Anderson
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Published on 12 Mar 2020 / In Film and Animation

BENJAMIN FULFORD = US Presidential Election, Tokyo Olympics cancelled Engineered pandemic ushers in World Government

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What is geopolitics? Concept, Definition and Origin
Everything you need to know.

What is geopolitics?
How did she come about?
What is the difference between geopolitics and political geography?
After all, what is the difference between geopolitics and political geography? Wouldn't the two just be another name for contemporary history?

For those who study the subject just out of obligation, these terms may actually look like different names for the same thing, but they are not. There are differences in approach and treatment of the problems addressed, even though the three terms cited deal with today's world.

Not to confuse your troubled mind with so many subjects to study at once, let's start by separating the two main concepts.

Geopolitics is nothing more than the field of study concerned with understanding power relations between states, considering diplomatic and military routes. Political geography, on the other hand, is the area that studies the interaction between politics and territory, namely with regard to administration. Let's understand more deeply.

Origin of Geopolitics: Definition and Concept

The term Geopolitics arose in the work of political scientist Rudolf Kjellén in the early twentieth century. It was based on the book Politische Geographie by the German Friedrich Ratzel.

It was mainly during the rise of European fascism (yes, Nazism) that territorial issues gained a new approach for states.

Of course, before that countries already understood their territories as their basic source of resources, but with Nazism this understanding reached a new level. It was not just about organizing domestic resources and conquering foreign lands.

It is important to highlight that Nazism coined the expression "living space" to refer to territories not belonging to Germany, but which would be fundamental to its development. It corresponded practically to all of Eastern Europe, including Poland, Ukraine, and other countries that should be conquered or co-opted, as the circumstances warrant.

It was precisely this movement of Nazi political and economic thought that gave rise to what we call geopolitics.

And where does political geography come into this story?
In the Nazi period, however, it was a matter of putting the value of each territory in the balance for the composition of an expansionist policy of the German state. But even then, there was already a parallel movement, developing the current of political geography - another area of ​​knowledge that was more devoted to the relations of the state, with its own territory.

Simply put, therefore, the difference between them is that geopolitics goes beyond national borders, considering diplomacy and international disputes and conflicts.

Evolution of Geopolitics: Development of world geopolitics.

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