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Banned From Twitter 10 Minutes After Making A New Account There (Justin Derby)

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Published on 05 May 2019 / In News and Politics

Apologist Justin Derby tried to start a Twitter account so he could tag various members of the alternative media on BitChute's thread about Justin's previous video in order to see if they would weigh in on the topic; Justin ended up being kicked off Twitter 10 minutes later.

If you have Dissenter, I encourage you to comment on this video with Dissenter; I will be looking on Dissenter for any comments on TTOR videos.

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Dear Sarge
Dear Sarge 1 year ago

I tried to set up a Twitter account a week ago with similar outcome. I got locked out in less than 5 minutes before even following anyone. I think it might have been using the word "cocksucker", even though not directed at anyone specifically. I was completing my bio/about me section and explained that back when I first enlisted there were two things that you couldn't be (my, how the times have changed!); a cocksucker or a Communist. No hatred, just a simple general statement of fact. Anyway, I didn't care enough to jump through the hoops to get it going as I would probably offend the overly-offendable at Twitter again and get blocked for good within a few days.

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