B&T 320 USW Chassis Upgrade for SIG P320

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Published on 07 Jan 2020 / In Firearms

The B&T 320 USW chassis converts your SIG P320 pistol into an SBR with a compact folding stock (all NFA rules apply!). The 320 USW replaces the P320's frame: simply drop the pistol's core fire control unit (FCU) into the B&T chassis, install the SIG's slide / barrel assembly, and you've got a hybrid firearm that can operate like a handgun or a carbine - just like the B&T USW. With the stock folded against the right side of the chassis, you can still shoot the P320 like a pistol. Extend your trigger finger forward to hit the stock release button, swing the stock to the rear, and your 320 has turned into a Short Barreled Rifle, same as the B&T Universal Service Weapon.

Learn more: http://www.brownellsvideos.com

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