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AVOID and CURE "Bullet Mold Smear" AMAZING

elvis ammo
elvis ammo - 732 Views
Published on 10 Apr 2018 / In Firearms

Amazing Mold Lube! Better than I thought (WOW) I was trying to get streaks by opening the mold while the lead was still liquid! Now that's some "Synthetic 2 cycle magic oil" AKA mold lube. We can avoid and cure lead smears using the same free mold lube!

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ski4 2 years ago

ha. i wish i would have seen this video when i started casting. i have some ugly molds that i have had to deal with over the years

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RedDubzSmash 2 years ago

Hey Elvis Ammo! I like this platform very much, I will be spending much more time here. Thanks for the info, I'm 17 and started casting my own 9mm bullets and powder coating them so I don't have to buy expensive fmj bullets when I load. I experienced this problem twice so far on my 2 cavity lee 9mm mold. Thanks for the info! I love my powder coated bullets and they shoot great!

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