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Austin Steinbart explains how Hillary and McCain sold us out to China and set up a new World War

Arrow Durfee
Arrow Durfee - 175 Views
Published on 10 May 2020 / In News and Politics

Link to Full Video Here: https://youtu.be/daYHuAsYE2c

Learn About QAnon Austin Steinbart Here:
QUESTION: What is "QAnon"? https://youtu.be/t9ttbREavRM
ANSWER: "QAnon" is a military intelligence operation targeting a ruthless medieval conspiracy.
It was designed to invoke a MASSIVE online grassroots movement, bypass FAKE NEWS, and distribute VITAL information directly to PATRIOTS (much like the "Common Sense" pamphlet during the American revolution).

QUESTION: What makes “QAnon” different from other “Anons”? https://youtu.be/VKFLyeCSMWo
a. Same difference between a Bit vs. Qubit
b. Computer Bits are linear, 1 or a 0
c. Qubit are non-linear, it can be a 0 or a 1 or anything in between at the SAME TIME
d. A Qubit is a 0 and a 1 at the same time because a Quantum Computer can fold space/time, a time warping computer
e. Quantum Computers can be in 2 to the number of Qubit states at 1 time.
f. Google’s Quantum computer has a 72 Qubit Quantum Computer, it can 15 Sextillion states at the same time.
g. The Military is 30 years ahead of the commercial sector
h. Tying quantum computers together creates a Quantum Internet
i. Quantum internet can “Instant Message from the Future”

QUESTION: Is QAnon a "Right-Wing Conspiracy"? https://youtu.be/KQyt8UL-y_k
ANSWER: No, Q is a nonpartisan military intelligence project designed to unite the country and embolden us to demand the declassification and release of the JFK documents that have been withheld from us for 57 years now

QUESTION: Is QAnon a REAL Military Intelligence Op? https://youtu.be/EoBP5J0UghY
ANSWER: Offcially No, normally something like QAnon would be handled by the Defense Intelligence Agency but officially the DIA is legally forbidden from operating on American soil, QAnon is a SAP or Special Access Programs outsourced to people like Austin Steinbart. The White House standard policy is to not acknowledge SAP's or Special Access Programs. (think the Mission Impossible movies)

The BIG PICTURE of the Conspiracy that QAnon is designed to get rid of:
Black Ops 101 - The Dark Truth About the CIA https://youtu.be/6m5Q_mCK58o

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biggdirt 2 months ago

seems to me that Austin is a possible Mossad op , deflecting the blame and distracting the people. He is great a stating the obvious that we have been discussing for years now

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davin 2 months ago

really only half of a broad cast???? nope your not worth following

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Razz 2 months ago

Does he say Canada selling the US out to China?

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