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Audit Chinese Stocks - Mayor Calls Police on Rioters

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Published on 03 Aug 2020 / In News and Politics

U.S. must have access to U.S.-listed Chinese firms' audit documents, lawmakers say

Chinese authorities have long been reluctant to allow overseas regulators to inspect local accounting firms - including member firms of the Big Four international accounting networks - citing national security concerns.

In spite of a 2013 agreement that ended a stalemate over the issue and allowed U.S. regulators to request audit working papers in China, there have been difficulties in actually gaining access.


Chinese Companies Trading on U.S. Stock Markets May Be Worse Than Enron Scandal

At least 156 Chinese companies — including 11 state-owned firms — are trading right now on America’s three largest stock exchanges.

Their market value, at $1.2 trillion, is 20 times that of Enron.

MORE NEWS: De Blasio’s New York Surpasses Last Year’s Number of Shootings With 5 Months to Go, Chicago Had 406 Shootings in July Alone


Idiot Seattle Mayor Who Supported CHOP Is Outraged CHOP Showed Up at Her House

Seattle Mayor Jenny Derpkan was all about letting protesters terrorize and protest outside the homes and businesses of the commoners and ham and eggers. Derpkan was all about supporting CHOP and CHAZ, even referring to it as the "Summer of Love." But once people started getting shot and killed, Mayor Derpkan decided it was probably in her best interest to enforce the law after all. You know, lawsuits and all that (see BUSINESSES, RESIDENTS TERRORIZED BY CHAZ/CHOP ARE SUING SEATTLE! and THIS MAN IS COMPLETELY FED UP WITH CHOP, SO HE'S FLIPPING TABLES AND TEARING IT DOWN!). The denizens of CHOP decided it was time to move their protest outside the mayor's house, led by socialist Councilwoman Kshama Sawant.


Threats against politicians 'very frequent', former Privy Council clerk says

Canada's former top civil servant says Canadians would be shocked and "dismayed" to learn the true level of abuse and the number of violent threats politicians face during their time in office.

"It's a very hostile environment to go into public life and we pay a price for that," former clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick told CBC Radio's The House. "It's a slide towards a degree of violence in our politics which I think we should resist."

Wernick said there is a "certain innocence" in Canada when it comes to political violence.

"I think Canadians would be dismayed to know that the people that step up and run for office and serve their country for a period of time are sent videos on how to commit suicide," he said.


Will the Czech Republic Get a Second Amendment?

This year, one of those European counties may be taking a step towards what Americans have enjoyed since 1776.

For several years, conservatives in the Czech Republic’s parliament have been pushing to add the right to armed self-defense as one of the “fundamental human rights and freedoms,” according to David Harsanyi writing in National Review.

“The right to defend one’s own life or the life of another person with a weapon is guaranteed under the conditions laid down by law,” the proposed amendment reads.


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