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Atheists Are Afraid Of Students Rejecting Evolution In Favor Of Creationism Because Of Evidence

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Published on 29 May 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

Apologist Justin Derby discusses how atheists and evolutionists are afraid of allowing students in the public education system to see the evidence for young earth creationism put side by side with the "evidence" for evolution because they know that students would reject evolution in favor of creationism on the basis of evidence.

University of California, San Diego Forces All Freshmen To Attend Anti-ID Lecture:

Where Darwin Meets The Bible:

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Now while the UNITED STATES continues to commit FRAUD and SEDITION with its FAKE SPACE U.N. FLAGS Agenda of “Malfeasance” to We The Tax Paying U.S. nonmason CITIZENS of the Federal Government……., it is A blatant fact and [legal notice] that the UNITED STATES is committing High Treason – Treachery – Sedition to we the “Citizens” of our 50 STATE FLAGS in this ACT of 1871 District of “COLUMBIA” Corporation….., and in that my nonmason “U.S. Citizens” you have been played and Betrayed by all “U.S. CITIZENS” in FREE MASON Lodges “no matter” their Age, Skin Tone, or Religious Affiliation as they all participate and “practice” their CRAFT of continuing this LIE of their (COVD19) World Domination Plot for the E.U. - U.K. - and the U.S. FLAGS of the “Mandated” UNITED NATIONS {Global Government} and all these Global Citizens are to be “shot on sight” as TRAITORS to our 50 State Flags, Constitutions, and Boarders….


The Society of nonmason….


Continue to learn big words so you know what these EVIL SPIRITS do in the minds of your TRAITORS!!!!


She has the FULL LEGAL “Authority” under the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to arrest that dirty FREE MASON C.O.P.S. and have him publicly “Hanged” for MURDER of another U.S. nonmason Citizen….


These are NOT our Police People, nor are they “U.S. Citizens” they are all FREE MASON C.O.P.S. known as [U.N. Troops] / * \ for this PROJECT BLUE BEAM (COVID19) World Domination Plot!!!!

Do as any U.S. “Armed” Citizenry would……., and tell these U.N. TROOPS To get out of your Towns and The U.S. Military!!!! The Town mayor don’t even trust his C.O.P.S. and gave them Barons!!!


The Commander~


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