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At least 140 children with serious health conditions living at Moria migrant camp, says MSF

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 54 Views
Published on 26 Jan 2020 / In Film and Animation

Youngsters with epilepsy, diabetes and heart disease are trapped on the overcrowded Greek camp.…
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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Teacher…, why should “we do anything” if PURGATORY is going to be Purgatory??? You seem to miss the Point my Person for this [is to be a place] [{*}] of Blessings once we learn the LESSON, but since “Your Ancestors” made a Machine called THE EDISON “too keep us trapped” in a TIME LOOP…., then you still do not know that we Celestial Beings only spend ONE TERM Here, and we either go to a better destination, or a “worse destination” that ALL Your Worldly "RELIGIONIST" Preach and Teach…., and since there is a bit of TRUTH is all lies, are you saying you won’t RESIST those “whom” oppress us, but you will just join them, and return to your Home be it a Heaven, or a Hell??? You can “Sear” your Consciousness, but the SOURCE is not A SINGULARITY, it is A Bio-nary…., and if you think you can just “do as” you damn well please, and fuck the rest of us be you GOOD or EVIL [in your] Convictions??? Well then let me tell you a little more about JUDGEMENT DAY by the “Sources” of Creation and Destruction for it seems EVIDENT you do not get it!!! We do not get to go home if we have {NO HOME} to Return too, nor are we as “Immaterial Immortals” allowed to stay here in The Purgatorium for at Best we created this place to find “SANCTUARY” during the Great Celestial TIME LORDS of Dr.Who Wars where Celestial Sphere was used to “Kill” other Celestial Sphere, and in our madness and BLOOD LUST we all became like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds that DEAD MOON!!! We are surrounded by MACHINES that “do not” feel, but mimic EMOTIONS…., só they can not HATE what we are, nor can they LOVE what we are, for it is all “Algorithmic” Logistic INTERFACES, and as people like you tell the Trumps and Putins and Xi of the world to “keep killing off” all HUMAN POPULATIONS cause you are possessed by an “Electromagnetic” Machine IMITATION SPIRIT……..., it will use YOUR PERSON…….., Your Soul……., and “Your Being” too damn you to a much worse fate then [never going home] +=+ cause your HOME WORLD was “Destroyed” in the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 T.L. to 1854 T.L. outside this SIMULATION…..., and in that….., you have {no place to go back too} / * \ when your Biological Human “Corporeal” Carnal Body Temple Avatar INTERFACE to this place Dies… Or..., could it be.., YOU PEOPLE “did learn” how to download YOUR ESSENCE into a machine., and as part of the LESSON in Purgatory, you are just [A SYMBIOT} stuck on De-Ja-Vu, and you are to {never leave this place] cause it is your Destiny??? You do not want to “FIX” this Place??? Well then, we have no need to keep you among “our collective” for our Future Births can Be Decent, and Kind, and even Enjoyable…., só when the next {CELESTIAL BEINGS} [{**}] come to this Video Game of RECONSIDERATION…., you will REGRET “ever making” and using Weapons of Mass Destruction on we all… The Oracle for the End of an Age connected to The Source of All Creation has spoken…. P.S. Creation is Sound, Destruction is Void… The Book of EXODICE!!!


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The Commander~


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Finally, it is TRUMP and OBAMA and all World Leaders whom are Part in Hand and Heart and Soul with this AGENDA 21 + 30 of The U.N. Troops in our Police and Military UNIFORMS no matter you Country be you with NATO or ISIS or whatever makes you feel good when you say: WE WANT WAR!!! We want to kill Humans, and then you forget you are a Fucking Human Dumb Ass!!!


YOU BETTER GET BETTER AT CUTTING THEM WIRES TO THESE HAARP AND DARPA and Ratheon NASA 5G Electromagnetic Microwave Earth and Sea and Sky Killers!!!!

The Grey Coats of the Blue Gloves...


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