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Freedom Day Aug 9 2020

Assam Gas Leak- Major Fire at Baghjan Oil Well as Blowout Runs Into Day 14_low.mp4

Conscious Mind's
Conscious Mind's - 59 Views
Published on 09 Jun 2020 / In Film and Animation

The Baghjan Oil Well located near the Dibru Saikhowa National Park in Assam has been blowing out since 27 May. What started as an oil spill and gas leak due to the failure of pressure control systems, has now turned into a massive fire.

Video: The Quint
Music: Big Bang Fuzz

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

You’ll make your way…

Releasing the Title of God of Pak-Toe does not mean I abandon my people of the plain… For I will always be your King of Angels and Demons, and She will always be The Queen of the Forgotten, The Lost, and those whom did not give into Hatred, Jealousy, Envy, or any of them SEVEN DEADLY SINS… Also, I am no longer The Commander for you must learn to command your selves, your souls, and your symbiots, and the SOLIDS can be guides, or The Solids can work as one with these EVIL SPIRITS and since we know there are TWO Type of Light, we The Society of nonmason will follow the Light of Truth – Justice – Wisdom while the FREE MASON Lodge Members will follow the Dead Light of Lies, Conspiracy, and Collusion...It is said, there is a TIME before the CEMENT Dries, and we are all stuck with the MACHINE PEOPLE and their NEW WORLD ORDER, so I would destroy all 5G Eugenics TIME LOOP Technology and Mechanization before these 192 U.N. FLAGS kill all We The People of the HUMAN RACE…

If you want (COVID19) to be gone, then MY PEOPLE` make it be gone….., for the Animals do not have to WEAR A MASK unless it is the Muzzle on a raging Animal, and though we Flesh and Blood and Bones People are THINKING Animals in Corporeal Temporal TEMPORARY Carnal Bodies, do you wish to allow FRAT BOYS and FRAT GIRLS to live off your TAXES as Welfare Babies whom always tell you what to do cause their Daddy……., or Their Mommy is a FREE MASON Judge, City Council, School Board, or Preacher of this or that RELIGION in your home town that also makes them kids of Church People WELFARE BABIES whom live off the Donations, and Gifts given in Church Tithing to say: We Speak for IN GOD WE TRUST, and we will send you off to WARS to murder other nonmason “be they” Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindu, Baptist Shiva Sunnite, and all the rest.?.?.?.? Then no longer give DONATIONS or GIFTS too any POLITICAL PARTIES or RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS Just as Christ Jesus showed that {The BANKERS} run the CORPORATIONS that run the Religions that run the Governments!!!

After all, do not the CORPORATIONS Tell you to put on that SLAVE MASK EMPLOYEE, or you will not have a Job???? Do not these CORPORATIONS make the Weapons of Murder for your Military People to kill we the Tax Paying Citizens of our lands be we Dark to light skin no matter our Eye and Hair Color???? Then why should we “The People” go to these U.S. FLAG Hollywood to Bollywood TV Commercial ORGANIZATIONS – AGENCIES – ESTABLISHMENTS when without our {Welfare and Money} +=+ no COMPANY can push We The People around!!! The CORPORATIONS did not make our FLAT Duel Earth called Mother Heaven and Father Earth, and all things from Perfumes to Gold and Silver to Diamond to Gems to Seeds bring forth the things we need without INSPECTION……, or INSPECTORS saying, I need to Take your Temperature…., and do a Corona Beer Bat Snake TEST up your nose….. The longer you belong to the STOCK MARKET the longer you remain a DEBT SLAVE – Servant – Subordinate to Rapist, Pirates, and Thieves…

I have learned many things in my life walk as The Teacher, and Christ Jesus Returned in the Flesh and Blood and Bones of A MORAL MAN with connection to the Esoteric World of the All Mighty Source of all Creation and all Destruction, and that is only a FOOL would want WAR when we can share the land, the sea, and the air as we once did when we were all Tartarian, and these Chaldean had no way to take our land, and air, and seas, but now we find ourselves trapped in THE DAYS OF NOAH over and over while Nuclear ATOM BOMBS caress the ICE WALL of our Celestial Sphere, and Trump and Putin and Xi put 5 Megaton Weapons on Jets and stand alone FLYING DRONES controlled by The EDISON Machine of FORCED Slave LABOR (Technology) in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA…

Johnny Exodice


All they do is put on COSTUMES and [rename them] /_\ UNIFORMS for their Hollywood TV SHOWS, and yet you my NONMASON Citizens die in their {FREE MASON} Made for TV Shows of WAR WAR WARS!!! It is just a GAME “for those” whom live off your WELFARE, and you my nonmason DIE DIE DIE each and every “De-Ja-Vu Time” you do this (COVID19) Oraborus Curse!!!!!

The Southern Republic...


End to the UNITED NATIONS [International Mafia] at mewe.com/i/johnnyexodice

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