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Arkansas Democrat blames guns and self defense rights for violence. Conservative states real reason

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Published on 07 Mar 2019 / In Firearms

State Senator gets triggered over Stand your Ground Law. Threatens to shoot conservatives and claims race and gender allows her to be "upset"

After her rant, Arkansas State Senator Gary Stubblefield states the real reason why people are getting killed by guns and other weapons.

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Arkansas State Senator Stephanie Flowers (Democrat District 25, Pine Bluff area) was triggered after a motion was made to limit debate to 10 minutes for SB484, a stand your ground bill. Senator Flowers, who is the vice chair of the Arkansas State Senate Judiciary Committee claimed that stand your ground laws got people killed and that she had a right to interrupt the Constitutional Republic Process because she was upset.

Judiciary Committee Chair Alan Clark refused to let Senator Flowers intimidate him into letting her take over the committee process.

SB484 failed by voice vote and then by Roll Call.

Votes for the bill were Gary Stubblefield, Alan Clark, Terry Rice, and Bob Ballinger the sponsor.

Votes against the bill were Stephanie Flowers, Will Bond, Greg Leding, & Republican John Cooper. The bill needs 5 votes to pass committee. I believe the bill can be brought before the Arkansas Senate Floor.

Moms demand only criminals can use guns was present, along with members of Patriots of Act 746, a pro gun organization.

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