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Are Christians safe from the Great Tribulation?

Dawn Road
Dawn Road - 96 Views
Published on 14 Jul 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

There are verses in the bible where Jesus sounds like he is talking about a "secret rapture" where people instantly disappear as they are sucked up to heaven. There is a lot of problems with his.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 22 days ago

Teacher…, what is happening to this Celestial Sphere MACHINE we all live and are born into with our TEMPORARY Lives!!! Come here, and rest your head on my shoulder my fellow human being, and even though I am The LAST Human Soul to share what had happen to make this Virtual Reality we all live in, we can never Truly die for this place is not even fucking real!!! That said, you’m have done well too learn big words and add them to your vocabulary…. In this, you can help other people [no matter their age] #QANON /_\ ADD BIG WORDS for it is a Word Game; as well as, A Flesh, and Blood, and Bones TEMPORARY Life Game… That said, let us put it all into PERSPECTIVE why Agenda 21 + 30 will come to pass, and the LAST Human Alive in the Year 2094 C.E. will know that all is gone… There are 2 Continents left off the U.N. FLAT EARTH MAP with unknown Weather Weapons, and HARRP, DARPA, and NASA Trillion Watt Sun Shield LAZERS… That would be enough to contend with when JADE HELM 15 the A.I. known as The EDISON has deleted all the Nonessential……., Holographic People…….., but left us here to be tortured..., and raped.., and harmed by This INVASION force., and {THESE PEOPLE} [{**}] from them 2 Continents walk among us as PRIVATE CONTRACTORS in plains cloths / * \ freemason G4S being the most Organized CORPORATION of these INTERNATIONALIST….., and yes…., they will kill all the FREE MASON for they have their OWN WAYS…..., and they will even have (no use) [{*}] for the UNITED NATIONS International Mafia, and all their Racka NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WEAPONS to be used on We The People of Pak-Toe, and even though these MASONIC “Religions” have placed many Military D.U.M.B.S. in the Underground of our Two Sided Interdemensional Celestial Ball, we Celestial Beings are to be [hunted] +=+ into EXTINCTION by the Machine Android EVIL SPIRITS in these people, these persons, and these Populations, so if you must kill them???, then do so` for they have NO SOULS, and that is why they can not “Appreciate” THE RULE OF LAW that says: Thou Shalt Not Kill HUMANS for {these things} /-\ are NOT HUMAN IN THE SPIRIT!!! Yet, the U.N. Troops also walk among WE THE PEOPLE from the UNDERGROUND Umbrella Hollywood HOLLOW PEOPLE!!! This is not just this or that……., this is all ORCHESTRATED by a Fucking Machine that any REAL PERSON can disobey, and that is why the (COVID19) PROJECT BLUE BEAM {U.N. Military} will hunt, and kill all NON MACHINE Holographic People, Persons, and Populations, and how does one know IF they are The REAL ONES??? You can love, you can cry, and you don’t have to FAKE YOUR EMOTIONS!!!! Nonetheless, know many “are machines” in their Holographic Forms while WE ARE Biological in our Holographic Form in this SIMULATION The Great Work known as The Purgatorial… The DELUGE in the Old Testament was tactfully just The DELUSION we find “all the masses” Trapped in till the END OF TIME in 2094 A.D. that I will do my best to live on for 30 more years……..., and gather with you in “Secret” as we The Original MASONS had to do to PROTECT the Craft of Survival till we are [Judged] by The Source when we all die… The Book of EXODICE!!!

Things are moving {very fast} now people……., so get your UPDATES at the UGETube.com >>> Johnny Exodice

Our ENEMY has no SOUL…..., they live can only PRETEND to be Human, but have no compassion, no mercy, and no concern for FEELINGS for they are in every sense of the word The Forsaken, The Dammed, and The Cursed as EVIL SPIRITS Animate their AVATAR Temporal Bodies, and ALL THEY WANT NOW is to (Trick or Treat) you into HATE….., but we of the “Christ Essence” and Blood Lines do not HATE, nor do we pity them for these people “traded” their Human Souls for EVIL SPIRITS too Replace them, and become them, and walk among [we the people] as the LIVING DEAD whom worship Gods and Goddesses to have WAR IS MURDER, yet all will {come to an end} in the year 2094 C.E. and I will be long dead dead dead by then anyway…

The Sentinel….


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