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AR15 Mil Spec vs Commercial Detachable Carry Handle

Published on 28 Nov 2019 / In Firearms

Quick video to show the differences between a Mil Spec and Commercial carry handle and how the A2 standard and A2 "F" marked front sight bases and sight posts are affected. The remaining question for me is why does Windham Weaponry use a standard A2 FSB and a commercial carry handle instead of using the correct "F" marked FSB and Mil Spec carry handle?

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no0negun 10 months ago

Thanks for the info. It’s an important topic for anyone using open sights as a primary or secondary sighting method.
I’ll bet a lot of people have scratched their heads in confusion wondering why their mismatched parts didn’t seem to match.
The front sight base height also needs to be considered if doing a specific witness of the front fight base with a red dot in the rear.

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