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@apfns Saturday Morning Gameplay of Fallout 3 on PS3 & Creating JCBW on RPGMaker MV 6/20/20

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Published on 20 Jun 2020 / In Gaming


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Over 8 YEARS ago…….., it was “Common Knowledge” on WALL STREET to the FREE MASON Lodges that G4S would be “taking over” the Police Departments in 2020 A.D. under the Lie of {Covert Operations} of the 2019 WORLD DOMINATION PLOT by these (192 U.N. FLAGS) /_\ of the aka (COVID19) ….

Theretofore, do not be surprised when all Police Departments [are run] /-\ just like the POLICE in City of Miami Beach FLORIDA USA where G4S is the MARSHAL of the Town!!!!

You see my “nonmason” Police fellow U.S. Citizens……., as the TV SHOW of Fake Space and Fake DNA and “Faked History” [{**}] goes forward in this WORLD DOMINATION PLOT of these 192 United Nations [International Mafia] / * \ of FREE MASON CORPORATIONS called INTERNATIONALIST…..., you The People will still pay TAXES “to them” that live off your TAXES the Employed….., and Your Employment of YOUR States, County, Local, and FEDERALIST TAXES City Officials…., and in that..., the people YOU PAY to work for you aka WE THE PEOPLE the Governed “Crashed” [{*}] The Stock Market on Purpose.., and Placed Donna Jesus Trump as G.O.D. of the #QANON USA Movement cause the Q – People get to be all the “Crisis Actors” on TV pretending to be Antifa., Black Lives Matter, and JADE HELM 15 of REX 84 continuing “Reshuffling” of the USA Populations if you are [allowed] +=+ to live from INDIA TO CHINA!!!!


G4S is the primary people in them BLM Antifa “COSTUMES” of S.W.A.T. and National Guards Uniforms as U.N. TROOPS, and the Privatization of all POLICE from England to Bangladesh is just CORPORATE WARFARE in this 21st Century FEDERAL Police Act of Obama, so these 192 U.N. FLAGS can Rule the World by way of the U.S. Military WORLD POLICE and U.N. Peacekeeping FORCES that is just one flag of these 192 U.N. FLAGS!!!

You have been Betrayed NONMASON “Tax Paying” U.S. Citizens by your own U.S. FLAG, U.S. Government, and U.S. Military for the U.N. FLAT EARTH Flag (Covert Operations) of 2019 WORLD DOMINATION PLOT by them FREE MASON Lodges in your own God Dammed Home Towns!!!!!


The 50 States FOR America…

Oh Yeah!!! Happy {Summer Solstice} as the FREE MASON [do their] /_\ QANON ROMAN June NEW MOON Festival of “PizzaGATE” Satanic Wiccan Rituals under “the cover” of that made up word JUNE-TEEN-th!!!!!!!!

The Sentinel…..


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