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Published on 22 Mar 2020 / In Gaming

archive of my 3-22-20 gameplay of wwe all stars on ps2 via twitch tv find me at www.twitch.tv/apfns

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 days ago

Commander…, The NEW WORLD ORDER did not drop {A Hydrogen Bomb} +=+ too fake an Asteroid Comet Meteor Impact??? Do go tell the Johnny Exodice and “Jeppo Jinx” that they did STOP this Death Star Weapon for the moment……..., but let us not forget Salt Lake City UTAH USA where the Morgan “Golden Angel” did rattle…….., and shake……., and drop “its horn” on that Antique-tech Building… This Comet that NASA is saying [shall appear] / * \ too be brighter then the Moon when it approaches is not supposed “to show up” [{**}] for at least 30 more days…..., so I did find it "ODDTV" that the YouTube Channel of “Celeste” did see that NASA made a “major change” to the Trajectory….., so we are not “without Pause” [{*}] when we know “THEY LIVE” can use these Hydrogen Nuclear Weapons to Cause MUD FLOODS…., Tsunamis..., Blast Dead Volcanoes back into Active Range “Lava and Magma” for you do need to know that all Water Falls no matter how high up in the Mountains can only “PUMP” that water from the Under World by way of Steam Pressure.., and where do all the FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere “Water Falls” from Niagara Falls to name the Water Falls in your land` get their power to flow from the Oceans., be filtered through the Dirt and Land into the Aqua-firs, and then Pushed up high into the “Hemophilia” to give us Fresh Clean Water that all life needs “too drink from” the Deer to the Dandelion??? Them Mountains can all be Hydrogen “Cascaded” using Nuclear Bombs to push the Water beyond “its normal rate” of flow…., and then you have World Wide Mud Floods that the masses “do not comprehend” how The EDISON of Forced Technology can make such massive changes to our landscapes from “lifting” land masses to make “you think” the Ocean is moving away….., to lowering the continents “too allow” WORLD WIDE Noah Floods in our State of Purgatory… When I watch Trump and all the other “World Leaders” from India to Arabia, I see just “other people” like you and me……., and it seems they have “no clue” how to turn off THE EDISON, so they bow down to this machine we “liable” their G.O.D. S.A.T.A.N. and laugh that they think WE THE PEOPLE would riot “in our own home” towns cause the Police Department is Closed??? It is apparent that these Incubus and Succubus in our Human Bodies do not “appreciate” that if you can not Trick or Treat we Humans into “Hysterical” Thinking…….., then we will “enjoy” our Days off under this Fake Ass Bat Snake “Kobe Burger” Basket Case Corona Beer Virus, and invite our OFF DUTY Police Department to partake in “community” with those whom drink…, and smoke.., and enjoy home cooking in our Local Bars!!! For we are not Rioting or Destroying “Our Towns” or even Cities., and we know U.N. Troops will march down “the streets” of all Nations in our Countries Military Uniforms, but there should be no reason we “the nonmason” in the Military of Any land does not ARM THE POPULATION to take on the UNITED NATIONS “International Mafia” Invasion by PROJECT BLUE BEAM and JADE HELM 15 “of them” FREE MASON INTERNATIONALSIT Lodges… WE have a plan to protect our “Human Children” and Grand Children from all these Monsters, Pirates, and Trumps to Pence SPACE FORCE of KGB Gestapo Nazi SS “Darth Vader” EMPIRE Troops for we “do so have” the Magical People………, and Persons of the New “Jedi Knights” of our King Arcturus Green Arrow Round Table ready and able to “take down” these 5G Madness Mechanizations… Therefore, you make sure “you have” the medications you need for your “Seasonal Allergies” and this Spring Time Cold…..., so your sickness and illnesses “do not” turn into Pneumonia….





P.S. While many live in fear, we live in the moment………

P.S.S. If you will put some Gatorade….., and a “spiced” Tea Pack into the Microwave, it makes a most “soothing sensation” for those of you with “coughs” and sore throats…. Be a Healer, an Empath, A Celt, and A Druid aka Earth and Air and Sea too Rivers and Fresh Water “Lakes” Healer….

The Commander~


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