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@apfns 10 min bands workout from 10\14\20 clip

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Published on 15 Oct 2020 / In People and Blogs

I did 10 mins with several variations

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 11 days ago

Broken as The People Might Be…

If you have been around long enough to read the “Book of Knowledge” by Johnny Exodice and Jeppo Jinx, and if you have pondered “The Words” of The Oracle for the End of An Age that has turned out to be the END OF PURGATORY a Temporary Place we Humans and “nonhumans” are all born into, then would not now be the time to consider “your options” as WE THE PEOPLE as we live in these Bodies of a People gone mad in a place called earth: whom put on Face Mask when (COVID19) Was only a lie, but because TV Sorcery, and Rapture, and “Enchantment” was done so Professionally by the Jesuit Zionist FREE [MASON O.T.O.] @QBALL /_\the People whom influenced this world, only did so` too their own Damnation… Have we not watched these TV SCREENS since the day we were born???, and are not our MINDS filled with MEMORIES of TV Screens more then our own “life walks” in Nature as day after day the SCREENS became the only “things” that mattered anymore.?.?.?

As I have been on Sabbatical in City of Miami Beach: SOUTH BEACH, and I see so few people compared to the EMPTY Streets I found just 2 years ago, when I noticed WE THE PEOPLE Were missing, and this was long before the U.N. Agenda 21 called JADE HELM 15 continuing DEPOPULATION Operations “wiped out” all E.U. and U.K. and Canada to Australia to the U.S., BLUE EYES “light skin” populations……..., and now in October 15th, of 2020 I think businesses are only OPEN for the “illusion” of the Locals that Remain: for other then LOCAL People here in Florida, the Tourist are all gone, and most are probably all dead, or have moved onto to them people Driving the Highways of Atlanta Georgia USA night and day…., but “never” coming into Our cities… At least the U.N. Troops of G4S seem to be no where to be found in Miami at this peerless time line…

Thankfully, there are still moms, and dads, and their Children whom are the local population, but compared to that one night we did the Celebration of the Goddess for Pak-Toe, there are no people here any more…..., and maybe you do not get out of your House or Abode???, and you just do what ever the TV SCREENS tell you’ as you watch these “Holograpix” Virtual Reality Political Celebrities live off your TAXES telling you what to do cause THEY LIVE are these FREE MASON, and we nonmason are just to “allow them” too destroy this world one last time with Nuclear Hydrogen Holocaust Atom Bombs cause FLAGS are more “important” then we the PEOPLE whom do not choose to be born under any Flag: when we know all FLAGS are Corporations, and These Corporate FLAGS make we the people do WAR IS MURDER “in their” WAR GAMES cause our CEO Presidents and MP say: Go Kill them people my {Tax Paying Person} that I live off your Taxes as YOUR Public Servant, and We The People kill “for them” whom we EMPLOY.?.?.?.?.?

There are people like me that know every “thing” and every one on TV is an Agenda to make we the people SLAVES to the People [we employ] Q’s as Public Servants….., and if you are too dense to know TRUMP is a Public SERVANT living off “your” TAXES too SERVE you as a Servant is supposed to, then why elect anyone: when you THE BOSS of the President allow “your” Servants to send you off to do WAR IS MURDER cause the Chinese Leader is also living off the TAXES of the Chinese People known as “Their” EMPLOYEE!!! Yet…., what do we have…….., we the Employer have our EMPLOYEES telling us WHAT they will get paid, and that is $250,000.00 a year minimum, and they will only work “100 days” a year in the U.S Congress and U.S. Senate, and Play Golf!!!!, and then they will get RETIREMENT “Packages” while We The CITIZENS whom employ them have all been put “out of work” for PROJECT BLUE BEAM where the TV Talking heads “tell us” OUR Fellow Citizens what “fools” we have all become!!!

Johnny Exodice

You see: It matters not what U.N. FLAG: you are living “under” and under OCCUPATION……..., from the Queen of England to the Pope of the Roman “Vatican” Church THEY LIVE off your Welfare.., and they are to SERVE YOU as your Public Servants., but you are so “intimidated” by the people you employ…..., you would rather let them LIE TO YOUR FACE about the Common Cold..., so your EMPLOYEES these People whom live off YOUR TAXES and Religious “Donations” can tell you what to do cause you are just too [Simple Minded] too THINK for your Self: and Why do you pay them when they are “not” Doing their Job as SERVANTS of we the people.?.?.?

The Society of nonmason~


You see: from TRUMP to Pence to Obama to Biden from Putin to [made in china] Emperor XI…., and do so put the name of Your EMPLOYEES aka “Servants” of WE THE tax payer PEOPLE whom THEY LIVE off our Fellow Citizens TAXES TAXES TAXES’ like Kings and Queens “off of” WE THE PEOPLES “Citizens” Taxes as our Fellow Public Servant CITIZENS!!! You see once you know the game……., you put them on the Streets as WORTHLESS SERVANTS, and OATH Breakers to their and our OATH OF OFFICE: just as Christ Jesus Spoke in that Parable of these WORTHLESS Public SERVANTS whom are officials “of nothing” but Mind Control on we the people with their FREE MASON TV SCREENS and Satanic {Halloween Sorcery} of INDOCTRINATION!!!

The Commander~


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