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AntiNews 33: Chick-Fil-A's Dirty Knees, Charlie's Icarus Angels, & Malcolm Young Dies? (11.20.19)

The System is Down
Published on 10 Dec 2019 / In Film and Animation

The question of the day is... How dead does someone have to be before they stop starring in movies?...

Welcome back to the least trusted name in news!
This is the place where we watch the world burn together and make fun of it.


On the Docket:

*Chick-Fil-A bends the knee to LGBTQ outrage
*Charlie's Angels reboot is an expected failure
*James Dean revived as CGI character
*When TF did Malcolm Young die?
*Sonic Movie is no longer a horror B flick
*George Lucas' new edits are a bit Mcclunky
*New Jefferey Epstein / Prince Andrew shenanigans
*Kanye West's new outlook on afterlife
*and more

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