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Another NoCal Fire; How Could We Do This To The Elderly_ Suffering Alone At The _low.mp4

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Published on 29 Sep 2020 / In Film and Animation

Another NoCal Fire; How Could We Do This To The Elderly? Suffering Alone At The End Of Their Life

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Ted B
Ted B 21 days ago

That's so true. The elderly like the rest of us, should decide for themselves what risks they are prepared to take. It so annoys me when people say that "every death is a tragedy". That is so absurd and hypocritical in this day and age. Human life used to be considered "sacred". But in this "post Christian" era, it has no intrinsic value at all, especially the infirm, the pre-born slaughtered by the millions, and the very old. Lets be honest, the concept of "useless eaters" is once again upon us. I'm 69 in very good health. I have an ordinary sort of family with four children. I know no tears will be shed when my time comes. On the contrary ..... But that's okay, it's the way it is now. But to die locked away like a prisoner, would be intolerable.

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