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And Now....Trump Leaks Universal Vaccine is Ready Now for All to Get Shot Up

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 88 Views
Published on 25 Feb 2020 / In Film and Animation

Trump to RED FLAG LAW you into Mental Wards to get Forced Vaccines!!!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

When the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is a lie….

Then it is only LOGICAL that all “ink on paper” RELIGIOUS Books are part of that same lie known as The CONTROLLERS Command and Execute we the HUMAN People and Populations known as nonmason while these “Incubus and Succubus” MACHINE PEOPLE known as FREE MASON Lodge members in our Locations no matter the UNITED NATIONS International Mafia LOCATION be it Communist to Federalist from “These Socialites” of OUR REPUBLICS to Common Wealth too even these Magistrates known as Monarchies where Kings and Queens PRESUME to usurp the Will of the People by having their Dukes and Lords known as GODS walking among “we peasants” called PRESIDENTS “do curtail” every thing from Justice to Hope to the ERADICATION of Charity to we the people even though all MONEY for GOVERNMENT – MILITARY – RELIGIONS – POLICE to even the Town Elementary to High School Collages ARE PAID for “by we” the NONMASON Tax Payer, and yet, we have NOT ONE SAY in “what happens” in our NONMASON Communities cause FREE MASON Lodge Members are all the Doctors and Judges and “School Boards” and Preachers to Imam to Rabbi to Priest in our City COUNCIL “Carousels” of RULE OF LAW??? You gotta be fucking STUPID to Obey – Comply – Submit to any LAW “no matter” the FLAGS of your Countries my “nonmason” populations!!!!!

I am the one who went to WAR and killed other nonmason “human beings” while my FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST COMMANDERS “sat” in plush chairs……..., ate the best meals…….., and then they did not even “join me” on the Battle Fields??? Whom are all these COUNTRIES……., and NATIONS……, and STATES….., “so loyal” to the Back Wards FLAG PATCHES of this FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST U.N. Paramilitaries….., and why {must I die} killing people THEY SAY are the Terrorist when there is “no food” to feed my people…., or even my wife…, and kids.., and my neighbors loved ones., and the much needed “childcare” to taking care of our old people????? I have been to [the other lands] +=+ of this world in our FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere home world of PURGATORY, and no where in any RELIGION does it say [we die and kill] / * \ for Monsters, and Cowards, and Traitors of “High Treason” COMMITTING and COMMUTING “Sedition” just as Putin the Scootin, Trump the Chump, that POPE ON DOPE, and {his cronies} [{**}] these Incubus and Succubus known as the “Shaw of IRAN” and that Prime Minister of ISRAEL and India and all the others sit back doing nothing!!! All these FREE MASON Fucks living off “MY Welfare” called TAXES and TRIBUTE and Tithes [to the] [{*}] RELIGIONS of my land that say: Bow Down to your GOVERNMENT cause G.O.D. Put them there??? Fuck that shit…., ain’t no G.O.D. put any man or “wombman” above me!!!!

All these RELIGIOUS “Rebellious People” with all their Fancy Clothes, THEIR Jewelry, their “Fancy” Hair, and all their Make Up and “Cosmeticians” from The Chinese “FILM Industry” all the way down to BOLLYWOOD and Hollywood where “no matter” HOW RICH and “Famous” any STAR Person be, they “never give” one god dammed thing back “to we” whom buy their T-Shirts to them fucking Tennis Shoes to all that [MADE IN CHINA] Bull Shit from their Bat Snake Corona Beer “COVID 19” NORAD “death” Virus to their saying: We gonna come get you!!!! You are Dead cause you got it….?, and we whom RUN THE WORLD and live off “your taxes” will use your own Military and Police to take you to DETENTION CENTERS and {Quarantine Centers} and the fucking EMPEROR of China gets on a plane too spread that shit “wide and far” cause them FREE MASON Lodge Members in our Home Towns “got the” INOCULATIONS while we non-mason “get sick” from them JUMBO DRONE JETS Spraying the skies till all we uninfected get “inflected” by FREE MASON Doctors……, and their Fake Flu Shots…., and Vaccines of “Poisons” till we all die….

You know there is no Space; as far as, OUT SIDE of our Mother Heaven and Father Earth……., and you know Trump and Pence “Space Command” and SPACE FORCE is to use ICE and HOMELAND SECURITY and “all them” SWAT TEAM Corporation C.O.P.S. and Paramilitary MERCENARIES known as G4S U.N. Troop “Goons” to come round up “all people” all over the world as them FREE MASON Demolay – Job Daughters – Rainbow Girls “on the” TV TALKING HEADS be they Lady Ga Ga to Whitney Houston pray to 33rd Degree “Kobe Bryant” the BASKET CASE black man for “one more point” in this never ending De-Ja-Vue ORABORUS “Curse of Wiccan” Roman Zionist Jesuit OTO Kaballa Zohar Wizards – Witches – Warlocks aka FREE MASON Movie and Music and Sports Stars known as “nothing more” then PENTAGRAM PizzaGATE Satanist Pyramid People…….., and we need to take them all “too meet” The Great Spirit in the Sky!!!! In JESUS Holy Fucking Name!!!! A-men, A-moon, and A-day!!!!

Johnny Exodice


Can now be downloaded “for free” to read and share at mewe.com >>>>> Johnny Exodice



TIME TO [GET YOUR] +=+ STOCKS and BONDS and Buy Land, Farms, Water, Food, and Keep your “nonmason” Police and “nonmason” in the Military Safe!!!!

They are going to use DIGITAL I.D. Take your land, your kids, and make all people get FORCED Vaccines and Flu Shots that will kill ALL “nonmason” aka Human Beings in these Flesh and Blood and Bones Body “Temple” Avatars….

At 22:33 they have the word INTERNATIONAL RESETTLEMENT meaning the U.S. Government can take "any nonmason" U.S. Citizen and TRANSFER them to a Location for RE-POPULATION at "Mud Flood" Gated Communities.... The Green Coats of the Red Hats....

NEVER FORGET 1/3rd of "the worlds" POPULATION are FREE MASON and they will all get this shit!!!! The Society of nonmason~ Q+ The Pen` [///|||\\\]


IF YOU DO NOT THINK FOR YOUR SELF, others “will” ALWAYS “think” for you………


The U.N. Troops are in your Police and “Your Military” no matter your G4S Fucks!!!!


The Grey Coats of the Green “Gloves” of the Brown Vest of the Black Shoes….


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