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America This Week! - TrumpPeachment? Or just another Reality TV Show 😠

The ARMed Comic
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Published on 25 Dec 2019 / In Comedy

John D. - The ARMed Comic, a.k.a. A Real Man, was one of Trump's Biggest Supporters in the last election, but now he's got some Goddamned questions he wants answered right now with this hard-hitting, in your face, no holds barred comedy short like only A Real Man can.

Gather your friends, family & enemies together and watch all their heads and fucking feelings explode right before your eyes after getting clocked time and time again with history, facts and f!@#$%g logic.

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Guns Up Rebels!


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no0negun 7 months ago

I wish you were wrong.

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The ARMed Comic
The ARMed Comic 7 months ago

Me too :(

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