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All is choice..., there is NO Good or Evil, only The Choice to make EVIL or GOOD Spirits aka Thought

Johnny Exodice
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Published on 17 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation

The Luciferian Doctrine

Who knew you could Crush up HUMAN BONES, and place them into the 5G “Bones Buckets” on all these Telephone Polls in our Small Home Towns and have a Frankenstein Network to redo the Oraborus Curse of {De-Ja-Vu} +=+ and cause WE THE PEOPLE to be trapped for another 10,000 Years of WAR IS MURDER.?.?.? We the people whom know (COVID19) is an U.N. FLAG CORPORATION World Domination Plot to allow FUTURIST to keep the Children alone, isolated, and without touch [or romance] / * \ is only something a FREE MASON Lodge Member would think was A Worthy endeavor cause FREE MASON be they 10 year old “Jobs Daughters” to Rainbow Girls all get SEXED by the Old Men in FREE MASON Lodges as this “is the way” of Warlocks and Witches` these Eastern Stars, Demolay, Shriners and ALL THE WORLD LEADERS say: Lets Roll!!!

However, We The Society of nonmason will EXPOSE every wicked “vile deed” of the UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of FREE MASON Lodge Members……., so just go type in YOUNG TRANNY SEX on your Google (Human Trafficking) [{**}] WEB Browser search engines…..., and you will find millions upon millions of LITTLE GIRLS with Dead Boys Dicks “Sewn” into them….., and the grafting Process is so well done by FREE MASON {Abortion Clinics} /-\ of Planned Parent Hood the girls even get the Testicles “too shoot” Sperm at the end of the PORNOGRAPHY RAPE Sessions…., and as if this was not DEPLORABLE [enough] my #QANON /_\ just type in Sex with Animals..., or just “Young Sex” in the Google.., and see even more HOLLYWOOD “U.N. FLAGS” Human Trafficking…

It is evident “many people” among WE THE PEOPLE know the earth is flat., and that we live inside a Celestial Sphere known as [Mother Heaven} [{*}] THE DOME OF THE ROCK…….., and OUR Father’ whose hallowed ground we all walk upon……..., but then why do ALL THESE People keep doing the lie of FAKE SPACE, and FAKE Religions, and False GOVERNMENTAL Doctrine where every C.O.P.S. is to shoot we their “fellow citizen” TAX PAYING Civilians when these Police and Military Personnel are our FELLOW Citizens??? Go to a FREE MASON and [ASK1 2BEONE] and you will know… They Worship the Light of the Devil and allow DEMONS “into their” minds called EVIL SPIRITS, or just Entities of International INTERNATIONALIST to Rule this World as The Great S.A.T.A.N. a machine called PROJECT BLUE BEAM that uses the TV SCREENS as “Mind Control” on our Fellow Humans KNOWN AS The {NEWS} World Order…

You might want to do a TAROT CARD Reading the “Precipication” of Vile – Evil – Wicked - PROFANE Spirits in the Mind of Mankind be we MALE and FEMALE, and ask them TAROT CARDS are there Human Bones in all these “Bones Buckets” where the Power Lines make no sense except to CAST another Curse on [we the people] Q as JADE HELM 15 goes on, and the Human Remains are turned into ALT-MEAT, and that bloody Fucking “Impossible” Burger where you have eaten your fellow humans be they abortions – toddlers – children so on, and so forth… This is the world we live in called PURGATORY, and it has “Fallen Angels” turning it into WAR IS MURDER when Murder is against THE RULE OF LAW AND ORDER, and yet, everyone wants to die and kill for A “Piece” of Cloth known as THE FLAG, so they can get paid in Their BLOOD MONEY for killing and Murdering one Another…..

Johnny Exodice

Precipication: The Order of using the HUMAN BODY to do OTO Magic and Sorcery in the World of The Dead known as Necromancy…


The Sentinel…


P.S. Don’t blame me for The Choices You’m have made…..

The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…

The Southern Republic...


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