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The Resistance 1776
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Published on 01 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics

Pence says “it would have been better” had China been more forthcoming about the threat – Share this link!

Vice President Mike Pence blasted China for not being open about the threat of the coronavirus earlier this year. Tune in NOW as we break down the today’s largest news developments and what to expect in the days ahead

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Teacher…, why must THE SKY FALL happen every 200 years give or take??? For all the teachings of SNAKE WORSHIP…….., we were “to believe” [{**}] that the FREE MASON Worship a Snake called Lucifer “The Devil” that gave Mankind “be we” male and female [the right] / * \ too Choose…….., and think……., and “know” good from evil??? We are more then just these Flesh……, and Blood….., and Bones bodies my friends…., and families…, and “Romantic Warriors” of Pak-Toe for we see through {all the lies} +=+ and deceptions.., and illusions., and misdirection of all these INK ON PAPER Bibles “be they” [{*}] Hindu – Muslim – Catholic, or Christian, and in that the Sky` what we know from the “Book of Knowledge” as The FIRMAMENT that is our “Dome of the Rock” is this Celestial Sphere we Celestial Beings all live inside, and though the “Holy Bible” is filled with every thing we are experiencing right now even the “Strange Images” that are nothing more then PROJECT BLUE BEAM Holographic Images and Hologram “5G Monetary Weapons” of mass INTOXICATION on the Religiousness “whom think” I will Fly down from the Sky of Heaven when I Christ Jesus had to return in this ORACLE.?.?.?.?, and live and walk and see what the hell “is going on” down here in Purgatory!!!! Moreover, I did learn that “you kill” your Homeless, your Veterans, Your Police, and let the Criminals these POLITICAL BANKING RELIGIONS “Tax and Tithe” you the people into Oblivion while you had all the time “in the world” to LEARN HOW TO READ, and Research, and Investigate, but what did you choose??? YOU SAID: I wanna Watch TV Shows!!! I wanna go to Sporting Events!!! I wanna go to Rock and Roll and Rap Concerts till I am lost “in the infantry” of Satanist with their Disrespect of The Source of “All Creation” and the Source of All Destruction…….., and as you have “laid waste” too land and air and sea with YOUR POLLUTION'S – CHEMICALS – TOXIC WASTE…….., you find it ODDTV and “Richie From Boston” that God and Satan are the same??? Did I not tell you I called out to my “Human Father” when I died on that Cross, or thought I was A DEAD MAN ON THE CROSS as these “Catholics” MOCK MY DEATH!!!! That said, I did live on as Paul The Apostle, and even Peter The Rock, and I did “have children” and a Blood Line and that child now a MAN Grown tells you things you could not “and would not” PONDER cause you wanted to be in Outer Space with a Ball that “spins aimlessly” going no where…. So, why will the people and populations SCREAM and Yell and Beg their “ink on paper” Gods to save them??? Cause Mother Heaven must “Shed Her Skin” in her Rebirth of a NEW HEAVEN and all the “Sky Falls” with Stars and REVELATION 8 “Mountains of Glass” and Firmament…..., and OUR FATHER EARTH will be “remade” in the process….., and in that` you get your NEW HEAVEN and YOUR NEW Earth!!! Surly the FLAT EARTH People and the MUD FLOOD Workers like “Jon Levi” and FLAT EARTH BRITISH can PROVE to you we can be “Turned to Stone” when The Dream World Mixes with Reality for A TIME…. That said, the Prophecy “still stands” that only 20 Million People “will go forward” into the NEW WORLD, and may you whom have saved “all my works” establish OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION for a Kingdom and “Queendom” like no other…. The Book of EXODICE!!!


And yes, the 5G will mess with all them Chem Trail Metals in your Blood as YOUR LUNGS cough up spew and plegma to clean out your bodies…. There is no COVID 19, but there is A SPIRITUAL DISEASE known as Pestilence in The Book of Revelation!!!


This is all a MILITARY “PERORATION” of the UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of FREE MASON LODGES whom have “taken over” all GOVERNMENTS, and ALL PARAMILITARIES, and ALL RELIGIONS…. And yes they could all be going down into the UNDERGROUND CITIES while we are all left up here to die when {only 25 and younger} HEALTHY should be in these Underworld Bunkers if they “even matter” to Surviving SKY FALL…….

The Commander~


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