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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 133 Views
Published on 27 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

Meanwhile, in the USSR, Deep State Dems demand countrywide shutdown through the 2020 election

Deep State Democrats want the ongoing joblessness in the US to extend until the November presidential election to ensure they have a better shot at taking back the White House. But will middle America really stand for this?

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

Commander…, what are we to do now that our “Local hospitals” to our “City Officials” have all abandoned we the “nonmason” populations [{**}] of our Counties……..., Small Towns…….., and even these Mega Cities??? Had you done [your recon] / * \ and found out every FREE MASON Fuck in your Home Town……., you would know when {Bounty Hunters} +=+ show up at WALMARTS wearing Official Looking “Security Uniforms” too SCOPE out your locations for are not all Bounty Hunters “just more” [{*}] FREE MASON C.O.P.S.??? Do you really think the Military is going to come protect “your towns and houses” from these PEOPLE whom are the ones whom arrest you……, and beat you for LAWS you have no say in.?.?.? Do you really think the National Guards of U.N.Troops “give a damn” what happens to any of we U.S. Citizens in our “50 States for America” when the Police and Judges and JAILS to the Prison system are run by “Shriners” and other FREE MASON ilk like the KKK of the Demolay “be they” white….., black…., or brown in skin “complexion” from South America to the Middle East to all of Europe as Russian and Cuban “Troops” entrench themselves in Italy to invade all E.U. Countries under this FREE MASON MILITARY “World Domination” Plot known as COVID 19??? You my nonmason Citizens regardless of Class – Religion..., or Schooling must now become the TOWNS “Protectors” from these Thugs.., and Crooks., and Pirates in strange Private Security UNIFORMS that are all just more FREE MASON Criminals “scoping out” your Outer Locations from Town like the WALMART to the Banks to anything that will be “left unattended” while the U.S. FLAG military does nothing but say: Shelter in Place as if ACTIVE SHOOTERS “are rampaging” the town!!! I am no fool, and you need not be either, so when you see people “whom do not belong” to your local gatherings for food and drink and medications, just know “they are” the Worst Type of MERCENARIES…., and we will be “blamed” for what they do, and then the U.S. Military will say: TAKE THE WEAPONS and Disarm “the Population” of these 50 STATES FOR AMERICA!!! Do not be naive in your dealings with any “in on this” Military Coup of the UNITED STATES by these JADE HELM 15 “freemasonry lodges” whom have spied on you since your childhood!!!! The time to kill them is before they kill you….., and too all “my people” who had to sell drugs or do Prostitution and thought “you had” Saved up a Nest Egg for a Rainy day??? How easy it is for FREE MASON as Bounty Hunters to know right “where you live” and show up as some FAKE Homeland Security FEMA Goon Squad to take “all you have” and lay you down dead in you’m own fucking house, and then put a RED X on the door saying “you died” of this Kobe Burger Corona Beer Bat Snake Virus of NATO and Norad???? Think well now “my people” for you need them CB Radios……., and if you do not check in at least “every 3 hours” at this time…….., then go to the location and find out “whom killed” your brethren……..., and you should “SHARE” your Surveillance..., so we may see “who drove up” and took you out.., so our Gangs., and our Crews…., and our Militias can kill these “U.N. Troops” for they are all U.N. Troops in this FREE MASON Free for all!!! We can no longer SELF ISOLATE, we must know where “one another is” at all times, and yes this is a U.S. GOVERNMENT MILITARY TAKE OVER “of all rights” and all freedoms, and them that participate know 1/3rd of your populations attend or work “hand in hand” with these FREE MASON Incubus and Succubus, so you better kill them “in their homes” before these FREE MASON C.O.P.S. put on fake or even their REAL Uniforms to take all you have and “rape your wives” and children before your very eyes for we do not deal “with people” of the Holy Water Spirit, these things are Body Snatchers, Parasites, and Monsters of the worst “Satanic” Occult Ideals…. Always have a way “to kill them” and protect your people my nonmason communities “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, and we will take back this Home World of ours….., and we will “sing and dance” the Great Songs of Battles where WE THE PEOPLE made a choice to LIVE…, and WE did!!!! Remember: an EYE FOR AN EYE, Blood for Blood, and Sin for Sin….. Also remember that ALL IS DISTRACTION as “they live” prepare for the coming CATACLYSM of MUD FLOODS, and Purgatory RESET…


The Commander~


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