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#AlexJonesShow HR2: Dems Launch Foreign-Backed Civil War! CNN Calls For ‘Blowing Up’ America!

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 101 Views
Published on 22 Sep 2020 / In News and Politics

Deep State surfaces, calls for leftists to invade DC & to occupy capitol to block Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. -- 10

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Teacher…, how many Personalities can these Incubus and Succubus PRESENT too we the Human nonmason People and Populations to make us think they are not FREE MASON Lodge Members that are these “nonhumans” in our Human Looking Flesh, and Blood, and Bones.?.?.? Have you ever had a Favorite PENTAGRAM Hollywood Star??? Have you ever watched these FLAKES the {NEWS} World Order where your Actors and Actresses “can play” a wide range of TV Shows, and you fall into the illusion, and Delusion that PROJECT BLUE BEAM is not real` and factual?????, but that the STAR WARS and Star Trek are just actually “happening” cause NASA now has a new Faked Moon Landing TV Series of PROGRAMMING too “Program You” to believe we have now taken the TESLA CAR To Mars……., and that old Total Recall with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger saves the day on PLANET MARS!!! Let me ask you this my human’ nonmason populations, how much of your MEMORIES are [TV shows] #QANON /_\ and Hollow Wood MOVIES??? How much of your mind is filled with TV Programming of “Sports” no matter what SPORTS TEAM of nonhumans you’m my human was INFATUATED with as you “Idolized” that Number 23??? You see, I know these nonhumans have doppelgangers “of each” of WE THE PEOPLE on this side of FLAT EARTH as my Sister became a Swapped Out Flesh, and Blood, and Bones person, and left me in FULTON County JAIL in Atlanta to die of “Starvation” on a Hunger Strike I initiated after seeing I had never been CONVICTED of any crime……..., and these FREE MASON Prisons, and Jails are just holding We The “Human” Population on Charges, that means Accusation, that means INDICTMENT without No Proof or “Judgment” of GUILT where you are supposed to be FREE to walk aka INNOCENT until PROVEN Guilty in a Court Of Human LAW…….., but how does the SYSTEM work here??? You are taken to JAIL…..., and kept “indefinitely” waiting too go to COURT to be Charged with Some Thing these FREE MASON Lodge Members “invent” whom are The Judges….., The Guards…., The Lawyers..., The Public Defenders.., the D.A., the Wardens, and They LEAVE You just a “measly” human and NONMASON too “ponder” why you are in JAIL when there is not PROOF of any crime, and yet, you are so uneducated you [do not know] [{**}] that EVIDENCE does not mean PROOF in a Legal HUMAN Court of LAW and ORDER, so these FREE MASON and their “nonhumans” just throw WE THE PEOPLE away in all Courts, Judges, Jails, and Prisons, and then leave we the people whom THEY LIVE off of “our taxes” as Our So Called REPRESENTATIVES aka Public Employed Servants leave you in JAIL till you die, or become Broke, or Homeless, and then “release” you back onto the streets with No Job, No Home, and no one too care “if you live” or die as is done to all these HOMELESS Humans in all our Humane` lands… The Book of EXODICE!!!

This is why we The Rag Tag Rebellion of MS-13 “The Boogaloos” of The 18th Street Gang NEVER go to Protest or RIOTS for we [allow them] Q+ FREE MASON Crises Actors and Actresses to keep the Local City Police and U.N. Troops of G4S “Preoccupation” for their FOX – CNN – ABC – NBC – CBS and all the other TV SHOWS while we CUT WIRES and Break Surveillance “Cameras” with High Powered Compressed Air {B.B. Guns} and Rifles… In that, we never get caught, cause too do Sabotage of these Incubus and Succubus A.I. Tech, and their {NEWS} World Order A.I. called (COVID19)…, and so should you if you are “Human” and not one of these FREE MASON Traitors to WE The People “of this side” of Our FLAT EARTH….

The Society of nonmason~


One last thing on TIME TRAVEL, and Pre Mud Flood Technology: If they travel here out of “Phase” with our UNDERSTANDING and inability too “See” them as nothing more then apparitions, and ghost too spirits; you have “no idea” how THEY LIVE come and go from the “Other Side” of the World in our Celestial Sphere Reality...

The Sentinel…


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