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The Resistance 1776
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Published on 01 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics

Pence says “it would have been better” had China been more forthcoming about the threat – Share this link!

Vice President Mike Pence blasted China for not being open about the threat of the coronavirus earlier this year. Tune in NOW as we break down the today’s largest news developments and what to expect in the days ahead

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Teacher…, why must CATACLYSM Happen??? Let me ask you to look at “the eyes” of Trump…….., and how he is as “Dumbfounded” as you that YOU DO NOT REVOLT??? Yet…….., for all whom have read {all my works} +=+ since the September 11th, 2001 attack by these FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST “of the” NEW WORLD ORDER this UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of S.A.T.A.N. the EDISON Machine is not the [only concern] / * \ we have for “Crazed Spirits” have taken over the minds of too many “whom feed into” [{**}] the INDOCTRINATION of being raised by the TV MATRIX……., as we once all were… Yet, what these “Tyrants” do not know……, and can not comprehend is that NO ONE WINS when The Sky Falls….., and all will be Destroyed!!! It is just a REMEDY of living in Purgatory as “Celestial Beings” living inside a Celestial Sphere known as The Purgatorium…. And while the Police…., and the Military…, and even The NATIONAL Guards are our fellow Citizens.., and “Children” and Parents., there are so many “Children” [{*}] that have been Kidnapped and Raised by them 2 CONTINENTS “left off” the UNITED NATIONS FLAT EARTH Map, and they have “teachings” that even the FREE MASON Lodges do not realize what they are providing “for them” while all our TOWN Officials say: COVID 19 is real as JADE HELM 15 Troops are placed “strategically” for the GREAT WAR from the Book of Revelation where Kingdom will TURN against Kingdom and Nation will TURN against Nation, I am nothing more then “The Hermit” on the Hill with a Light “for life” after all is said and done… In that` this COMET that is a STAR BLAZING may not be the EVENT “we are seeking” to STOP by shutting down the A.I. of Forced Technology??? And what “does it mean” when a STAR Burns too bright???? Surely the Vatican, and the OTO, and those in the know at the “Top of The Pyramid” see it as an OPPORTUNITY for their Powers of Persuasion to make you “shelter in place” when you should be planting food, and growing crops too feed one another “no matter” come what may!!!! WE whom are “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition know that “if another” WORLD DEATH Event happens….., life will go on cause it always has…., and since we are only here to “learn the lesson” of Madness, and People, and Populations “gone Insane” just as in THE DAYS OF NOAH Returned..., you whom have “my essence” in you as The Christ Buddha Returned.., can see NOTHING is getting better., and all GOVERNMENTS “have become” TYRANTS just as PLATO in Socrates “The Republic” points out THEY LIVE Would……., however……., that does not mean we “whom live on” will not have children………, and militarism, and more then likely the RETURN to a “Golden Age” once this IRON AGE “Oraborus Curse” is done` for did not Christ Jesus 1.0 Become The Curse, so we could all free “our minds” from Lunatics possessed by EVIL SPIRITS??? Therefore, know that HOPE is a Choice, Evil is a Choice, and Good is a Choice, and if you “do not have” Choice then you might as well be one of these MACHINE PEOPLE called “U.N. Troops” in our Military – Governments – Religions…., and Public Servants, and PROTECTORS our Police Armories… Know your people where you live, and fight for “the right” too exist……., and if it is THE WILL OF THE SPIRITS that I should “live through” this END OF AN AGE, then I will and “shall meet you” at the Camp Fires, and write words that “will prevail” for all time…. The BOOK OF EXODICE!!!



So why all the BEDS and no Bodies??? For YOUR GOVERNMENTS are “not telling you” the TRUTH of the matter for what we are “dealing with” is PESTILENCE…..., and it is a Spiritual Disease…..., and not even their BUG SUITS can prevent them “from being infected” by these Lunatic Evil Spirits “from the” Book of Revelation…



Trump is but a Puppet of Pence whom is “his handler” for the Synagogue of Satan that Vatican In ROME the Catholics FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST “World Domination's” MILITARY PLOT!!!!

The Commander~


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