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#AlexJonesShow HR1: Medical Tyranny - NIH Says Americans Must Carry Medical ID Cards To Leave!

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 149 Views
Published on 10 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics

Fighting to keep all Infowars content on banned platforms like Youtube/Twitter/Periscope etc. If you want to continue see Infowars on these banned platforms please subscribe so you can help fight the good fight.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

Teacher…, what can we expect from these 5G Radiation Microwave Towers??? You will experience things you never thought could happen to a human body of Flesh and Blood and Bones, and for each of you it will be difficult, and different situations, but I can tell you my experience as these 5G WEAPONS have been used on me for YEARS as a Targeted Individual, but I STILL LIVE!!! They can cause Knife Stabbing Pain in your guts where even Tums and Pepto Bismo bring no relief, they can cause your shit to turn dark green to even black as your body does its job removing all these Microsoft VIRUSES from your internal organs…. They can make your eyes burn inside your eye sockets so deeply and intense that you will wish too rip your eyes from your own Skull, they can cause tares in your flesh on the inside like a Surgeon cutting you, and then NEVER letting them scars ever heal… They can induce Hysteria, Insanity, and a tremendous FEAR that will FREEZE You in place afraid of your own Shadows, or what you “percipience” is on the other side of that unopened door!!! They can create Holographic Creations of Alien Ships for PROJECT BLUE BEAM where that EDISON Machine of Forced Labor Technology in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA as this Hologram Mechanization Technology surrounds we all no matter where WE so go…., so as you enjoy your HOLIDAY and VACATION from Friday the 9th of April in the Year of our Lord 2020 A.D. and return to your homes after camping, walking, and seeking out WATER FALLS to ease your minds, and your thoughts, spend time getting to KNOW THY SELF by having deep and wonderful conversations with your Inner World “known as” your Symbiots… These Things are The BOOK OF REVELATION of Goliath Colossus Titian Magic Wands coming up from the Abyss, and anything that A Magician…., or A Sorcerer can do to these human bodies “can now be done” by MATHEMATICAL Artificial Algorithms, and in that` you are in dire peril, but STAY HOME means assured DEATH when The Greys and the Knock Knocks show up to take you away, or your dad, or your mom, or both, and then they will throw you in Juvenile Jails and Prisons and INTERNMENT CAMPS to make you my “nonmason children” the NEW CHILD LABOR of this United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of free mason lodges take over of our Cities, our Towns, and our Counties… However, these Body Temple Avatars we all use “be we” male and female are just TEMPORARY Projections of whom we really are in this Celestial Sphere FLAT EARTH Simulation where we are to LEARN THE LESSON of a people gone mad, and a CIVILIZATION Driven insane by Evil Lunatic Wicked Spirits!!!! So pray when ever you so choose` as I showed you, and always be ready to fight for YOUR RIGHT TO EXIST!!! And yes, these 5G Magical Radiation Weapons can keep the Snot and “Mucus” in your Noses that is the JOY of their fucking “COVID 19” WORLD DOMINATION PLOT……. The Book of EXODICE!!!


Be of Good Spirits and enjoy your Travels, and if you do not wish to return home Monday the 13th, 2020 C.E. then just drive drive drive and cry cry cry till your COURAGE has been Returned to you… Remember, Jesus said: What good is SALT if it loses its Saltiness.?.?.? What good is a Person if they lose their Courage.?.?.? Keep that SALT in your Veins my people……..


STUDY these [Q ANON] People for they are all Demolay – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls that work for the FREE MASON Lodges {in your} +=+ locations, and they plan to kill all we “NONMASON” on their EASTER EGG Video Game “Hunt” for they are all possessed and oppressed by Evil “Vile Spirits” [{**}] known as Incubus and Succubus… THEY ARE A RELIGION!!!! A Cult of TRUMP WORSHIPING “him” as their Christ Jesus!!! Q+ The Pen`


We Are Pak-Toe… We don’t do Racka… WE TAKE THEM OUT!!!!!


If you are having issue “setting up” your LINIUX USB Boots, then watch this one on DELL, and use [F-12] to get into your DELL BIOS, and make these changes, and then your {Mint} and Ubuntu Operation SYSTEMS should work…


At 4:52 “listen to the word” do not WATCH any EASTER RELIGION SHOWS be you Muslim to Jews to Hindus to Christian and Mormon and Catholic and ALL the OTHER DENOMINATIONS of the “FREE MASON” Churches for there will be “embedded” in the VIDEO STREAM “Satyrr” of Magical OPPRESSION and Demon Possession {thrown into you} +=+ ELECTRONICALLY through your FLAT SCREEN [BLACK MIRROR] / * \ Devices……., go to “the mountains” as Christ Jesus said when these “days” are upon us… The Oracle for the END OF AN AGE connected to The Source of All Creation and All Destruction has spoken…..


The Commander~


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