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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 150 Views
Published on 09 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

You’re witnessing 21st century warfare.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

One World, One People, Many Ways…

As the “Troops” from them Two Continents left off the U.N. FLAG maps “Joined” we The Society of nonmason……..., the Tied of the WAR against all {FREE MASON} / * \ Illuminati INTERNATIONALIST Control of mankind “made a turn” for the ways of “we the people” whom are the TRUE HUMAN Children of Men and Wombmen…….., and “in that” WE ARE The Males……., and The Females “found a way” too destroy those whom would “oppress and occupy” and interbreed with our kind…. It is true` that all is life “be you” Angel or Demon…..., Monster to Poet….., World Leaders too we the Masses [whom pay you] +=+ as OUR EMPLOYEES!!! Had we not had a Blue Print…., or a way out of THE SYSTEM..., we would have “bowed down” [{**}] and let these FREE MASON Doctors.., Lawyers., Judges, Military Personnel, and all the rest INJECT we the “nonmason” populations with Rat Poison, Bat Venom, Snake Shit, and the many other “Fungal” and Bacteria that are DETRIMENTAL to our [{*}] Flesh, and Blood, and Bones “[TEMPORARY]” Temporal Corporeal “Carnal” Body Avatars….

We of “this place” known as PLANET EARTH and Terra Firma do not need Parasites from “Other Realms” to come into Our Celestial Sphere home world of Purgatory and turn it into a Place of Hell when we “Celestial Beings” made this place for Rest, Relaxation, Reflection, and Retribution when The UNITED NATIONS “International Mafia” of FREE MASON Lodges said: Abort your Blood Lines……., so HUMANS may no longer “traverse” this Celestial Sphere, and we The Decadent, and Deplorable, and Despicable “shall make” all the RULE of Laws with our FREE MASON Courts, and Congress, and Parliament, and Senates, and KING TOO QUEEN “World Domination” Presidents!!! In that, we the Human Celestial Beings found out there “are many” Celestial Beings from Demons to Angels from Vampires to Harpies from Hercules to Gilgamesh… Moreover, after many MUD FLOOD World Cataclysmic “Events” where we all be [what you be} are all MURDERED, and these Parasites the “MACHINE PEOPLE” at THEY LIVE murdered {we new returns] out of our Mothers Wombs to turn us into OBEDIENT “Incubator Babies” and Child Slave Labor “from the day” we know how to pick up a Tool and “fix their” Fucking Machine The EDISON of Forced Labor Technology!!!

PROJECT BLUE BEAM along with JADE HELM 15 and REX 84 “continuing operations” had decimated the majority of Human Blood Lines and left only The Blood “for those” whom WORSHIP Paper and Gold and Silver and all these “Pyramid People” PENTAGRAM and HEXAGRAM STARS!!! During a Pivotal Strike by Magicians and Mages “We The Sorceress” and the Sages fought to take back the right “too have a say” in OUR WAYS!!! All these Abusive People….., and Persons be they male……, and female “are not” from this REALM…….., and they are not HUMAN…. At best, they are the worst “Holographic” International “Artificial” Interfaces with their EYES Going Solid Black Goo as their “Nano Chips” just can not Appreciate, nor process “Human Ways” of Love and Dance and Song, and in this they are more like Reptilians to “Insectoid” Malfunctioning “Blinking” INVASION Forces whom have “infiltrated” every LEVEL of society “no matter” how poor or wealthy, and they seek only one OBJECTIVE!!! ALL HUMANS MUST DIE…., so their Machine G.O.D. and S.A.T.A.N. may transformer “this world” into a Synthetic only existence…

In this, it was “{no longer about}” FLAGS or Boarders regardless if you were a “Doppelganger” from the Other Side of our FLAT Duel Earths……..., or you were something of “another nature” that still knew life was life “be you” Spirit to Soul to Symbiot…. This is how BOOK NINE OF NONMASON came to be the New Bible…., and Books of Books..., so when you are born “and of age” to inflect.., you too can know you are “one of” we the people., and that we did our part to CUT THE WIRES, Kill The Traitors, Put a STOP to “all Sedition” and High Treason, and as NEW WINE SKINS we all are Citizens, Members, Constituents, and REPRESENTATIVES “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition “be we” Military, Religion, Sanctuaries, Romantic Warriors, Teachers, Leaders, and Commanders for we will NEVER AGAIN allow them “The Racka” the Cursed, and The Dammed, and The Profane FORSAKEN “FREE MASON” to ever walk in Our Masonic Lodges, Our Masonry Buildings, and OUR “Constitutional” Homes and abodes….

Johnny Exodice

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