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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 108 Views
Published on 03 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

Fighting to keep all Infowars content on banned platforms like Youtube/Twitter/Periscope etc. If you want to continue see Infowars on these banned platforms please subscribe so you can help fight the good fight.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

And The Teacher Spoke…. If Magic was GOOD, it would “not” come at a PRICE!!! I have spent my time in Las Vegas watching………, and learning…….., and PARTICIPATING “in this” Sanctioned Satanic Festival that you Demons and Devils and “Witches” and Warlocks did not think a mere HUMAN among your Gods could figure this out??? Am I not the “God” of my people…….?, and do we “not now see” that SORCERY is MAGIC / * \ and though Christ Jesus did Miracles…..., we have no way to “Verify” this was THE WAY of the one whom was Tortured and Tormented on a CROSS as many of my people [lay in the streets] +=+ broken….., and beaten on the Streets “of all cities” and all nations cause it was MAGIC that broke the world…., and made them Nuclear {Hydrogen Weapons} [{**}] what caused all the Chaos you FREE MASON “shall never” make ORDER of once again… Too be certain..., you have hexed me.., and cursed me., and even “vexed me” [{*}] hoping I would DRINK and SMOKE myself to death, or “at least” spend all my money on your FAKE ASS SLOT machinates and Card Games and them ROLL THE DICE of our “nonmason dead” called Bones!!! I no longer SANCTION your Festival and I no longer approve “of any magic” be it this or that for you are not Sages and Mages, you are monsters and “crooks” and criminals whom never do nothing for those in need` your “fellow” human beings!!! Too say I am the FOOL is what you shall say, but me and my people “know this place” is PURGATORY….., and we do not “have too” kill or harm or hurt, we just have to WITNESS to you that “you leave us” on these Dirty Streets in your Cities, You say no one can use the Rest Rooms cause they “are not” for The PUBLIC??? Is it not a fact that ROME did have Public Baths and Public Restrooms?????, and all the rest “to care” and see to the DECENCY of a People!!! We are not a RACE for that “implies” humans are to be in COMPETITION with one another “for all time” whereas A PEOPLE can share, and care, and FIX “this thing” called SLAVERY of TAXES where we “the nonmason” PEOPLE and CITIZENS of our lands have “not one say” in THE FUCKING RULE OF LAW!!! You want to play with magic, you “want to be” Great Wizards and Sorceresses??? You want to have “SEX Magic” and then abort and eat your own god dammed children for is not that THE WAY of SATAN and “Wicca” and Tarot Cards and all the rest??? Magic is SELFISH……., and you do not do it to “heal the world” for this world could have only been healed by the hands of mankind saying: Take a look at this place!!! The Land is dying, the Plants are Crying, and all these FOOLS want to do is Drink and Eat and “Be Merry” till the Sun and the Moon go Dark, and the Angels “fall” from heaven…. REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT… That is all you people “of this world” know with your Up and Down “Stock Markets” of Billions of Trillions, but you can not “feed the poor” your Fellow Loved ones and Citizens????? Of course you cannot!!!! For “you are” the RACKA…..., and “we are” the Pak-Toe!!! You are the “dirty oil” in all your filthy machines that degrade the sanctity of what once was “a great” and noble people brought down to the level of “bigots and racist” when we are all A PEOPLE…….., and not a Race!!! You “told yourself” Jesus will never come back for we have STOLEN “the keys” to the Kingdom and they “now belong” to the Popes Fat Ass Vatican FLAG and CROWN!!! Well, here I am using “this mortal man” to be the ORACLE for the end of this place, and to keep you in HELL and HADES where you “all belong” for you never helped those in need……..., you cheered on your SPORTING EVENTS, YOUR MUSIC EVENTS, and your fucking Brutal Governments, but you “never loved me” you true God and Goddess, and we shall never allow you to go home, and you will cry and “gnash your teeth” once this COVID19 turns into World War Damnation Alley, and you will say: What Have I Done????? The Oracle for the END of an Age and this TIME LINE connected to the Source of All Creation and all Destruction has spoken!!! DEAL WITH IT!!! The Book of EXODICE!!!

P.S. Just know this “my people” the FREE MASON will use Las Vegas Magician to “Heal the Sick” and Feed the Poor and FAKE the [Return of Christ] Jesus to make the world bow down and WORSHIP HIM, and it will be a Him…., and if the Pope Dies, then “he will” come Back to Life and it will be said to be “A Miracle” for only THE CHRIST could return from the dead, and heal the people of the COVID19 if we “but” believe in him a man of flesh and blood and bones…

P.S.S. our Sages and Mages do not do Magic..., for what I can say “at this time” is we Access Energy… More to come, prepare to battle the hoards of “Demons and Angels” my human beings!!!!

We Are Pak-Toe!!! We don’t do Racka… We Take THEM Out!!!!

The Commander~
The Society of nonmason~
The RED Hand….


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