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#AlexJonesShow HR1: Emergency Press Conference! UN Says Covid-19 Lockdown Will Never End

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 105 Views
Published on 14 May 2020 / In News and Politics

Big Pharma working through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is establishing a medical dictatorship via the WHO and United Nations 06

We discuss the technocracy emerging from the Covid-19 lockdowns that intends to supercede elected governments.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago


That you would believe ANY FREE MASON Lodge member at this point when they are all JADE HELM 15 (COVID19) U.N. Troops known as GLOBAL CITIZENS coming to take [all your food] and water now that you HUMANS have lost {all your jobs} to U.N. FLAGS world leader “Traitors” doing SEDITION and High Treason, not too mention all Their THEY LIVE Treachery against all we the REMAINING nonmason Human Populations in this Celestial Sphere REALM!!!!


You better [learn] +=+ THE PEOPLE ARE ALL GONE……., and “only we” the POST MUD FLOOD and “survivors” of THE GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR of 1853 to 1854 remain…


And just so you know these INTERNATIONALIST now call themselves THE INFLUENCERS!!! Fucking Machine People still walking among us my Romantic Warriors and these U.N. Troops must all be taken out no matter their age, skin tone, or Serialized {TRANNY YOUNG SEX} Retrofitted EYE COLOURS!!!!

At 00:32 is this the GENERATION of “Fools and Faggots” you want even my old school Homosexual Heterosexual Cock and Cunt Suckers to have your children and even your “grandchildren” INDOCTRINATED into the (W.H.O.) U.N. FLAGS of Fags {NEWS WORLD ORDER} TV MATRIX.?.?.?.? THIS IS THEIR WAYS!!!!!!!, not our ways……., and we “do not” OBEY – COMPLY – SUBMIT!!!! WE just do not wear MAKE UP or Cosmetics and Don’t “buy anything” from their Slave Jewelry to Clothing to Cars too Whatever!!!

WE WILL MAKE OUR OWN!!!! The 50 States FOR America!!!


The Grey Hats of the Green Coats of the Brown Gloves and the Black Shoes…


We Are “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, and we will kill and murder, and decimate all FREE MASON [Lodge Members] /_\ for you are the WEAKEST LINKS in this NEW WORLD ORDER TAKE OVER by your fucking “U.S. FLAG” of the U.N. FLAGS!!!!

The Society of nonmason~


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